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I’ve been hearing your concerns, and reading your comments, and have started re-organizing all the content in the course to be more easily accessible through the dashboard, as well as through more clearly marked weekly guides.

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Video Trainings

I suggest you spend a solid week or two watching the video trainings, depending on your skill level. I closely document all my campaigns, and you can get a lot of good content by just watching what I do.

I ask you leave comments underneath videos where you dont understand something, something is confusing, I accidentally reveal something confidential, or otherwise.

I want this to be a collaborative process, where you learn from me, and I can help continue to refine the course by adding in more information for you to get to the next level.


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Custom Audiences

You will have to contact your affiliate mentor @ my Nutryst network to get many of the custom audience lists, since they are confidential stuff.

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For specific questions regarding the course or any questions you may have, please visit our new Zendesk Support area or FAQ section. Always search to see if your question is answered before you ask your affiliate mentor. Also you can always send an email to support@nutryst.com and we will be sure to get back to you within 24 hours or most likely sooner.


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