My Mission

My mission is to accelerate the transition of society away from constrictive passionless corporate work, to a new paradigm of passionate self-employment. It is my firm belief that the way to make this all happen is through education, and therefore all my charity work is focused on educating the young leaders of our society to help make that dream come true.

John speaks at universities to help young students and aspiring entrepreneurs understand: how to figure out their passion, how they can use their passion to not only build a company but help change the world, the biggest mistakes graduates make when pursuing an entrepreneurial career right out of college, and why its sometimes better to get a job before you pursue your dream as an entrepreneur.

At each event, John gives students access to his 12-hour online training for free, as well as access to his monthly ‘office hours’ on GoToMeeting, where he answers questions for students and adults alike in regards to becoming an entrepreneur.

John Crestani is a serial entrepreneur, and has started 3 separate companies that have reached revenues of over 1-million dollars, and is 29 years old.


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