What To Say When Quitting A Job You Just Started?

Have You Ever Wondered What To Say When Quitting A Job You Just Started?

Hey, so in this video, I’m going to be going over how to quit your job. You just started your dirty dog. Now I’m going to go over my three-step formula three BDP. I will be going over kind of some rules of thumb to do this as well.

Hey, so I’m going to go over my three step kind of formula for quitting a job that you know, you recently started, and I worked for myself. Now I’m kind of an entrepreneur, but back when I was working jobs, I’d quit jobs that I just started and never had anything bad come out of it. And I’ll tell you a little story later about, you know, how I really, you know, actually made money from quitting my job. But let’s go into this first.

So first is B and B stands for being brief, okay, be brief. Don’t go into too much detail. Don’t let your boss know you. Know that he’s, that he’s a total ‘D’bag and don’t talk about, you know, these coworkers that you hate and that are stealing and stuff from the company and you can’t stand the customers and you know it’s an inhumane workplace and you are underpaid, overworked. Don’t go into any of that. Just be brief, okay. Be Very brief. Just say, handing in my notice. I’m not going to be working here anymore. Thanks, but no thanks. Don’t even say no things okay. Just be brief say I am handing in my notice.

Be Discreet When Quitting A Job You Just Started

Discrete, being discreet means don’t give information. Don’t let the person know when you resigned from a job that you just started, don’t let them know that you’re going to a competitor. Don’t let them know that you really hate the job or that you hate the customers. That you hate the product or you think they’re scamming people or it goes against your morals? They don’t need to know why you’re quitting, and they don’t need to know where you are going. That’s your business. It’s your business. They don’t need to know you’re starting your own business. Whatever it is, that’s you, baby. So be discreet again. No going into personal ego trips and emotions. Telling them what they can do or why you hated it. You know, it goes against my morals. It’s not you, it’s me. It’s just my morals. Don’t, you know, go with your company’s products. That’s a horrible thing. You know that because you’re attacking them. Don’t go into any of those things. Again, brief and discreet.

Last point here. The last point is to be positive. Again, you never know when you’re going to have to go back into the workforce. You know, you might not be quitting to start your own business. You might not even be moving industries, okay. And chances are if you’re quitting and you’re going to stay in the same industry, you may need a job there again. So, always be positive and tell your boss, thank you for the opportunity to work here. Just say, I’m moving on, and I’m handing in my two weeks notice. There’s not much more you need to say. Okay, be positive. Thank them for the opportunity. Don’t go on the attack. I know so many people that you know, just love to flip tables and talk about how everybody’s ‘A’ holes and ‘D’ bags and stuff like that. Don’t do that. Be Positive. And also what this will do is it’ll also cause your boss like mine trip because if you’re positive and you don’t tell people what you’re doing, people get really curious. You know, they were like, why are you quitting? Then what happened? Did you win the lottery? Did you inherit some big money? Did you start a business, you know, make a lot of money, you know, what are you doing? People are always wondering where are you working for a competitor?

Give Less Information When Quitting A Job You Just Started

And the less information you give, the better. Because if you keep your boss guessing, you know what? What happened to me as I did this and my boss, he had no idea where he stood. And I think in his mind, I think he was thinking, he’s trying to steal some of my clients for me. So what he did was he said, look, John, you don’t have to do anything. You just, I just have to cc you on emails. And you have to reply every once in a while. If the client specifically calls you out, he says, it’ll take you less than four hours per month.

Okay, of work, but I’m going to continue paying you $6,000 a month. So I was basically making $1,000 an hour. My boss was just doing it to hedge himself against me stealing a client. Even though we had employment agreements and all this sort of stuff, he was so worried about me stealing clients that he was going to pay me a big paycheck because I was so brief, discrete and positive.

So if this helped you out, let me know in the comments. What was most helpful for you to quit your job that you just started? Was it being brief, was being discreet or was it being positive? Because I know all of these things are hard. Also, if you liked this video like it loves to see your likes. Like, like, like, like, like and subscribe to this channel if you’d like to see more information on quitting your job, working remotely and also, you know, working for yourself. I teach people how to create their own internet business. There’s a link somewhere in the comments if you want to check out more about what I do to make money and am also happy to have been able to share this information.

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