What Is Voluum?

What in the heck is Voluum anyway? John Crestani, the master affiliate marketer, explains…

In this video, I'll be going over and explaining to you what Voluum the click tracking software is? From the perspective of an experienced affiliate marketer. And I'll be walking you through on my computer, all the different features and the abilities that Voluum has to help you make more money as an affiliate marketer.

So Voluum is a, what's called a click tracking software, or they call it ad tracking software. It allows you to really get more layers of information on how every single click on your ad or your ads are performing and allows you to optimize and make more money from your advertising by figuring out where your ads are going or what ads are out there that aren't making you money and what ads are making you money. And by being able to cut the red and grow the green, you'll be able to systematically make more money in your business. Now I'm in the business of affiliate marketing, meaning my business is driven by placing ads and hoping that I earn more money in commissions from the ads I put out than I do in spending them. So if I spend $100 I want to make $200 but in order to do that, I need to figure out which of my ads was most effective.

Which of the devices I put my ads on were most effective, whether it was desktop, laptop, or mobile devices. And I need to really go deep into the data. I need to split test different web pages to see what's working the best. You need to split test different ads. I need to split test different funnels. I need to split test different products I'm selling, and all of these layers of information can really build up and it becomes a job unto itself to really figure out what's working effectively. But this is how I've made my money. I haven't been, I haven't done anything creative in affiliate marketing to make the millions of dollars that I've made. If you want to learn how to be creative in affiliate marketing, you can go, I'm going to have my assistant put a playlist to what I call the art of copywriting from my friends Ronnie Sandlin and Carlos Cruz who are multimillion dollar affiliate marketers.

But I'm just going to be talking about optimizing here. So Voluum is software. It looks like this. It allows you to see your campaigns and your ads and your traffic sources on the next level. Now if you don't know what I'm talking about right now, this is all advanced affiliate marketing strategy. If you want to learn the basics of affiliate marketing, I'm putting a link to my playlist, which is Affiliate Marketing One and One and it's a free course that I have teaching you about the basics of affiliate marketing. Go there if you don't understand what I'm talking about.
Now as an affiliate marketer, I am always advertising lots of places. I advertise on Facebook, Google, youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and I have multiple versions of my ads running on all these places at once. Now I need a central dashboard to track all my campaigns in one place and that's what Voluum is. Also in my business, I have multiple ad agencies that are controlling my traffic at anyone. Time. Voluum allows me to have my media buyers compete or my ad agencies compete against each other. See what each other is doing so that they can compete. And also I can have visibility into who's doing the best, who are performing the best and making me the most money. And what Voluum also does is allows me to optimize and see what web pages and split test different landing pages to see if something is working better.

Different messages have different effects on people. If I went up to 10 girls in the bar and I said, oh, what beautiful eyes you have, I could just get lost in those eyes and swim around in that deep blue sea if I said that to 10 girls. And then if I said a different message, 10 other girls saying something like, Hey, this place is super boring. What brings you here? Do you want to be here by the way? I'm going to the bar right now. I could try two different totally different messages and see what has more of an effect. The answer is, I don't know in those scenarios, I've been out of the dating game so long, but I'd want to split test those messages. And you can do it very easily using Voluum or marketing.

You'll see the people that work with Voluum are in a couple of different categories. Affiliates, performance agencies in house media, buyers these are the main segments of people that work with Voluum. Now I'm going to go over a few different, Look at this they actually have a testimonial from you right there. So Voluum helped grow me from $1 million a year to $3 million a year.
That's so funny. I'm friends with the owner of Voluum. It's a pretty big company though. So let's go inside Voluum. So Voluum is not cheap, not a cheap software as you see here. It ranges from $300 a month to $1,500 a month. So it's definitely not cheap and it's not software I recommend you are new to performance advertising or direct response marketing, affiliate marketing, whatever you want to call it, this is more of an advanced solution. Once you are profitably making consistent amounts of money in marketing, this is a great tool to use to grow your income.
I'm going to explain each of these different items here so that you have an idea of what it involves. Some of these things are advanced. Once again, I'm going to link to my affiliate marketing basics course in the cards here because if you don't know what I'm talking about, you need to learn the basics of affiliate marketing and you need to have a consistent income before you even get to software such as this.

Now included events. What does this mean? Are clicks okay. How many events that are being tracked such as clicks and conversions. Most of you are not going to be sending more than 3 million clicks per month. It's a lot of cliques and you've got to be doing some pretty hefty Voluum. That's why he's called Voluum to do more than 3 million clicks a month. Now traffic distribution AI means that there is artificial intelligence within Voluum that will automatically make sure that the best performing ads, the ones that are making you the most money, the most green, that the best performing ads and landing pages are getting the majority of your traffic. Again, if you're managing five different traffic sources and you're managing 10 campaigns on each traffic source, you have 50 campaigns running for a solopreneurs such as myself. It would be maddening to try to optimize everything on my own all the time, but having artificial intelligence kind of a machine learning, direct traffic to the best ads in each area makes it much easier and allows you to leverage your time.

Workspaces are not sure what these are shared reports, not totally sure what these are additional users. What that means is if you have media buyers, if you have other people working under you that are buying ads such as myself, who have multiple agencies that are buying ads on my behalf, each of them will get their own login so that they can manage their advertising.
Direct tracking pixel means that you can track your advertising without having to have redirects. Now one of the big problems if you get started in affiliate marketing or if you are started that you'll know is that redirecting traffic. It's a big problem. You can't direct link meaning can't send people directly to affiliate offers on Google, youtube or Facebook. I don't know why, but they don't like people being redirected. They view that as a problem that can be abused. So you'll want to use pixels, meaning there little pieces of code you put on your site to track if people landed on your website and also track other sorts of data such as their user agent, their device, their IP address, their ISP, their geography, etc.

Now you'll notice you also get custom domains with this meaning can set your tracking to go through multiple different domains. If you're advertising multiple different verticals, this would be very helpful for you. And other things you get are just, data history in this case you get six months of data history if you have a regular plan. And that should be planning. Again, if you are looking to get started with Voluum definitely recommend you check it out.

There are other tools out there that are pretty good too. I know my friend started a company called Click tool, which is another click tracker. And other click trackers include Magic. The free tracker is very difficult to install and that's called Prosper tracking 2 0 2. So those are other options that you can look into if you're looking for cheaper options.

Now I hope you learned a little bit about Voluum which is a click tracking tool in this video. Now, please leave a comment if this was helpful at all or if this was just way over your head, way too advanced of a topic for you. Make sure to like this video and either case if you learned anything and subscribe to my channel if you'd like to see more information about affiliate marketing and how to an income online.

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