What Is Infusionsoft?

Infusionsoft? What Is Infusionsoft? JC explains.

What the heck is keeping or also known as infusion soft. Now I'm going to explain what this complicated software program is in this video and I'll, be showing you on my computer how I use it for my business and how you can too.

So infusion soft or also known as keep. Now I think they changed the name because they were known as confusions soft because it's, it's a confusing program to use is an important part of the business. It's basically a CRM. It does two things. It does email marketing to allow you and your business to send out lots of emails. Now I have hundreds of hundreds of thousands of people that have subscribed to get information from me over the years and to manage all of these people who want email information from me is just like, it's a lot of work. That's why I use a program to figure everything out. It's also what's called a CRM. Now, what CRM stands for? Customer relationship management. Now I run a digital business. I have a lot of people, especially for my training programs, I have people who just want information from me on, you know, training and free training and information or information about my youtube channel and whatnot.

But I also have customers who are enrolled in my training courses. I have a six-week training course. By the way, if you want more information about that, there's a link in the description, and you can sign up, or you can subscribe to my channel, and you can go through my free course. Now let's head over to my computer right here. What you see is I'm on the keep website, which is also known as infusion soft. You see right up here, and they changed their name again because I think it's a confusing program and I actually don't think it's that confusing. It's just funny to make fun of them because they're so self-aware about this issue. Generally speaking, it's the first CRM program that people use in their business, so people who have never used a CRM before, it's confusing because it's, you know, it's a big database.

Now here I am in my instance of infusion soft, and it's, sees it gives me a lot of information. I know the last 30 days I've sent over a million emails and all this jazz, so it has a lot of data in here. But what's important about this is I can go to contacts. The first part of this is contact management. And what we'll see is, you know, if I do a search you can search for people, all of the people who have subscribed to get information about your business. Now in my case, I've had over 250,000 people subscribe to get information about my business, which is a lot of people. And you know, I can't manually enter in all that information when I'm sending an email. So this program does that for me, and of these quarter million who request information, they're in different groups too, you know, some people just want free information from me. Some people are actually students and members of my community, you know, I communicate with them in a different way. So really I send different communications to these two groups of people. And I have them separated within this actual program.

Let's do a search for my friend Tyler. Now I can look up somebody's information here, and I can see, you know what they've done. They registered for my webinar earlier this year, but they didn't attend the Webinar. Okay so I can see this sort of information in infusion soft, and this allows me to send different messages to that person by setting different tags. So I can also see if this person is opening or not opening emails from me pending on what emails I'm sending out at the time. So all of this can be very useful if you're a marketer and if you're doing email marketing and sending out lots of emails are just looking to communicate with your customers in different ways. Those are, I guess the two big aspects of infusion soft.

The other big aspect of infusion soft is what I call marketing automation. So there's a lot of marketing automation that you can create within infusion soft. You know, I want to do certain types of follow-ups to people who subscribe to my email list. I can create different things. I can create different sequences, and I can say, Hey, I'd like you to send a text message to this person. I could say, Hey, I'd like you to send a voicemail to these 10,000 people. Or Hey, I'd like you to do, I'd like you to send a postcard to these people. Or I would like my sales representatives to schedule calls with these 10,000 people. I can do all sorts of things with people who have gone through and contacted me. Again, it goes much further beyond the email marketing goes to text message, marketing, voicemails, you know, sending letters, etc.

And the way it works is, let's say a tag was applied. Okay, let's say go in here, and I say the person left. So I'll say, okay, if somebody left early, I'm going to tell Infusionsoft to do this. So I'm going to set up a sequence that says email sequence. I'm going to set up another sequence that says voicemail. Let's start with this. I'm going to drag these two arrows over there. And let's say I set a delay timer, and I say, wait three days and then send the person an email, and I'll give it rules run on a weekday. I say use the contacts time zone and send the email at 8:00 AM and then I will drag and drop an email communication, and I'll say, send them an email. Why did you leave? And I can double click on that email, and I can write a message to them.

Okay. I won't go through the whole process of writing a message, but you know, basically I'll select a plain template and I will say, use the template. This will populate whatever the person's name is. It says, Hey, the first name, and I'll say, why the heck did you leave my training early? My robot assistant thinks you're crazy. If you want to schedule another time to go through the training, follow this link here, www.training.com okay, regards John. Okay, so then I'd say, okay, I will activate it. Now everything by default is set as a draft, so I'll need to activate that to live first. But it's saying, oh, unable to mark is ready subject as required. So I'll just enter a subject right up here. I'll say, why did you leave bro? And then I said, ready. Then I'll go back by just clicking on the email sequence. Now I could also set up a number of other communications, so I don't know if I can actually do this from this, but I could say wait three days and then send the person a voicemail, and I could create a voicemail and record it and upload it and have it send a voicemail.

I could also have infusion soft, send them a fax or a letter. I could actually create a letter and have it sent to the person and say, hey, you still haven't attended the training. Why did you leave now I could do this all then I could activate it as ready and activate. The whole sequence is ready. So now let's say somebody doesn't attend my training, I could send them a voicemail, fax, a letter, an email, all of the above to ask them to come back to my training. This is the power of marketing. Now there's a lot of ways to do this, but the point being you can make this more and more complex if you want or you could have a billion different sequences. You can have more rules, get very cumbersome to have this much marketing, but at the same time to have, you know, a single person, me having quarter million people to contact and being able to send them all emails, voicemails, text messages, letters, faxes.

It's unbelievable that each one of us has this power to affect so many people and this is how you create a digital tribe. Now, if this has been helpful for you, I go over videos every single day about how to build your online business and make more money specifically online, subscribe to my channel and you'll also get rewarded with a free course on how to do affiliate marketing, which is what I do to make all of my money. I also suggest you liked this video if you got some value from it and leave a message in the comment. If you have any questions about infusion soft or any requests for topics you'd like to see me talk about next, please leave that in the comments.

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