What are Google Display Ads? (Scale to $10k/day doing THIS)

What are Google Display Ads? Do you want to increase your business leads and sales? You might want to take into consideration Google Display ads.

Google display ads are one of the biggest sources of traffic. They're all over the world, all over the Internet. We're in best places to increase your business. I'm going to be taking you on my computer right here in showing you what they are and even give you a few pointers on how you can use them in your business to increase leads and sales.

So Google display ads, it's easier if I just show you what they are. So I'm just going to do a random search on Google. I just did the best food in Los Angeles and I brought up just a random site, the infatuation to first-timers guide to eating in La. So if we look here, we'll see. Can you spot the Google display out already? Okay, check this out. Right here is a Google display ad. You see that there's a Google display ad, there's a Google display ad, sorry. This is called a leaderboard. Okay. And leaderboards are common. They don't work. Okay. When people talk about banner blindness, this is one of the ad units, which doesn't work. It's seven 28 by 90-pixel count. It doesn't work very well. This is called a square rectangle or a medium rectangle. It's, 300 by 250 and these work very well. Okay, thumbs up on this one in terms of sizes. Now if we scroll down, we might see, we might even see more ads. Let's see if we can see any more ads here. Nope, no more ads here.

Now I also did a search for just the best baby diapers as well and I brought up the first couple of sites. Here is another example of a Google display ad. See right here. Again, a medium rectangle and this is, this is another ad and you can see can click this and you can see more information on the ads themselves. Here we have another ad that has a Google display ad right here, Xfinity and another ad right here from GoDaddy. You can always click these things. See this little icon which says ad choices. Let me try to zoom in here.

Okay right here. See these ad choices? You can click that and you can, it can bring up more information and we'll show you how Google shows your ad, right? So it says the reason why I'm seeing this ad is you either visited the websites, the person's website or app or the time of day and my general location. So they're targeting me based on the time, the location and the fact that I visited their site. So it's kind of a remarketing type of add. Other things we can do, we can click this and we can click x right here. See this x button right here, I can click x and, it can it will close the ad and we can click that again and see why they sent it to us. But that's what Google display ads are. Very, very simple. Now the best way, if you want to do Google ads for your, for Your Business, what I recommend you do is I recommend you use this ad unit, which is 300 by 250 called a medium rectangle.

This is the best performing ad unit in general. What you will see is you'll see about a 0.4 0.4, sorry, 0.4% click-through rate. So really if you show to you, if you show 250 ads, if you're doing well, you'll get one person to click on them. That's the way they work. ,, most people don't click on ads, so you have to be highly targeted. Uh, if you want to do advertising with Google display network, now I don't have enough time to go over all of the ins and outs of advertising. On Google display network, but if you want to learn more of what I suggest you do is subscribe to my channel and hit the notification bell.

And you'll also get a free course on affiliate marketing, which is what I do to make money. And you'll also get access to my free ad words, PPC training, okay. Which is under free training, marketing training, and mini-courses. And you can click right here and you can go to the, you can go to the training, which I will show you how to do remarketing, and you can learn how to do display ads and advertising those units right here in this video.

So I hope that was helpful. I hope you learned a lot. I encourage you to subscribe to my channel. If you'd like to see more videos on marketing comment, leave me a comment below if you have any questions about this or just if you want to say hi or if you have any requests for future videos that you would like to see and give this video a big fat, like for just, I don't know, having a good day. See you soon. Bye.

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