Weird Ways To Make Money Online

Making money doesn't always have to be boring. John shows some fun and even weird ways to make money.

This video, I'm going to be going over weird ways to make money online the five weird ways you can make money online I am going to show you a few cool websites on my computer of where you can go to get that money.
Let's get it. There are a few weird ways that you can make money online. Internet's big space and just as many ways to make money on the real world. There are online, but here are some funny ones. So here at singularity hub, you can actually start a virtual business. You can start a business selling virtual real estate and making virtual money that has real-world value. This story, right? Here's about an entrepreneur Han Shay Chung who works in a game called second life and he has a company of 150 employees where they create a virtual real estate, virtual mansions, and virtual islands and virtual Dreamlands for people and people will pay real money to have these virtual worlds created for them.

Really Weird. You can even set up a real business, a shop in second life and have people pay you real money for digital things. Really Weird.
Here's another really interesting business, which is matchmaking. You can be an online match maker, and this is with Tawkify. You can apply to connect, you know, men and women are women and men or men and men, women and women are non-binaries with non-binaries. I don't know if I think it's stupid, but uh, if you're into the whole nine, I don't know what they do. But generally speaking, you can connect people with people. How about that? Uh, as a matchmaker and make money online doing it kind of fun. Right.

Um, here's another weird job you can do is you can sell old gift cards. So right here on it says sell gift cards. So you could actually take gift cards that you've got. And I don't know how many times you've gotten gift cards. I got so many for Christmas. I mean, I'm, I'm old now, so like, you know, I'm 31, so I'm not, I'm not super old, but people don't like to buy me. And you know, they're like, it's this weird in-between stage. I get a lot of gift cards, and I don't want them, you know, I'd rather just have real money. It's like, not like I'm going to go to Gap, but a, you can make a bit, you can sell your gift cards. You could actually make a business out of selling other people's gift cards because most people just, you know, I have all these gift cards sitting around. I used to want to go through the time to actually selling them. So that's an interesting way to make money. Go door to door and get people's gift cards.

And so here's another interesting way to make money. You can make money from losing weight. Oh yeah, you can go to look at this. People can bet you can make it a game. They'll bet if you lose weight or not. So you see, look at this pot. The Pot is 1 million, $130,000 that people bet that this, these people aren't going to lose weight. So there's a lot of people here. Crazy. So you can, you can play these different games, and you can win money. Here's an individual person. Her name's Sid. People are betting 13,000 bucks. I don't know if it is that she is going to lose weight or that she's not, I don't know. But basically can make these bets and make money or lose money to lose weight. You have a bit about yourself.

Here's another weird way to make money online. You can buy and sell hair. Look, some of these, people are, you know, I guess virgin hair goes for more than if you're not a virgin. Look, look at all the people advertising here. Their hair's a virgin. I don't know. Can you see this? It's like virgin Remy hair. If you're a virgin and you have long hair, you could make some good money selling it. You know, 180 bucks. So who knows? Go for it, interesting way to make money.

And here's the last way that's pretty weird to make money online is you can join an internet jury, can actually be a part of mock juries and focus groups on and help lawyers and attorneys figure out what questions they should be asking or what they should do in a case. So be a part of some jury, kind of crazy.

Now, there are plenty more ways to make money online. I know I've, I've done a ton of ways to make money online. I'm in a part of an online marketing called affiliate marketing. So I sell other people's products, and I make a commission when I sold it. I've sold things such as ebooks on how to protect yourself from extraterrestrials, not even joking. I've sold survival guides teaching people how to survive a financial and societal collapse. I've also sold products teaching people how they can create a self-sustaining ecosystem, in their backyard. So how they can farm fish and then use the fish droppings too, fertilize the soil above the fish droppings, to grow plants. So it's a self-sustaining ecosystem. All you need is the sun. I've sold a lot of weird things online. If you want to learn more about what I do, there is a link in the description that goes to a free training to learn more about affiliate marketing. But if you liked this video, I suggest click like I'm subscribed to my channel. If you want to see more weird stuff and comment below, if you're considering doing any one of these weird ways of making money online comment, which one you are thinking about doing, we're just which one you find the most is watching this on LinkedIn. Be sure to follow me there.


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