Ways For College Students To Make Money

Here are Some Ways For College Students To Make Money. Presented by the ultimate digital nomad, John Crestani.

Ways for college students to make money online. So I'm going to be going over four ways that you can make money online. If you are a college student.

Four ways to make money on or basic tasks, do basic online tasks and earn anywhere from, you know, five to $10 an hour. And I'm going to show you some of these things on my computer in just a second. The second way is e-commerce. You can sell products online, you could sell products that you have, you could sell other people's products and make money with e-commerce. And once again, I'll go over all this stuff. I'm going to show you examples of how to do each one of these on my computer in just a second here. Number three is you could do social media marketing. You're a college student, you probably know how to use social media. Probably spending too much freaking time on social media anyways, okay? You're probably spending too much time actually to make money online. It's a bad distraction. Don't do it. You're on my youtube. It's cool. Subscribe for that.

But social media marketing can be your actual job. And you can actually make a lot of money doing it. I do a lot of social media marketing in my business. I hired tons of agencies, and you can be one of those people working for guys like me. And number four is you can do affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing. It's more like marketing and sales right., You can sell other people's product on a commission only basis. So in this case, I mean you could make zero, you could make a big fat $0 dollars because again if you don't sell anything, you don't make any money. But if you do sell stuff, you could make, you know, hundreds of thousands, millions, tens of millions of dollars like me, if you know, you know how to do marketing and stuff. So let's come over to my computer, and I'll show you a few things.

Okay, so basic tasks or just, you know, it's basic work, and I just signed up for, the one place I would suggest and where you'll see the most tasks is called Amazon Mechanical Turk. Now keep in mind with any of these methods to make money online, you will have to put in your personal identifying information, your social security, or whatever it is in your country. And you'll also have to put in your banking information. In order to get paid, you're going to need to put in those parts of information. So don't be surprised when you're like, ah, Amazon's asking from me, you know, banking information. It's, you know, it's, that's how you get money. Now, as you see here on my screen, there are all sorts of jobs on here. There's, transcription, there are surveys. Look, here's a survey pays you a penny though, okay. So a lot of these jobs are just, they aren't going to pay much.

Here's what you could classify kitchen appliances and get 10 cents. You can find somebody contact information and get 5 cents. You aren't gonna make a fortune doing on Amazon Mechanical Turk. But the nice thing is you can get started right away without any qualifications whatsoever. You just click accept and work right here, and you can start making money. It's not a lot of money though. It's not a lot of money. Not going to be, if you really push it, you can make $10 an hour, but you have to have qualifications. You have to do all this stuff. So it's really just, I don't even think it's worth it. You know, it's, it's again, there are humans all over the world. It's really pathetic how little value a human with no skills are. But again, you could try it and tell me how much money you make in the comments. I'd love to hear you try it for an hour and let me know how much money you made on mechanical Turk for an hour.

Okay. The second way of making money as eBay. So you could sell stuff, you could sell your junk or you could sell other people's junk for money. And if you see on eBay right here at the bottom, it says start selling clicks starts selling. You set up an account with eBay, and you can start selling products. You know, you could sell a pillow, you could sell, I mean you wouldn't want to sell money, but you could sell a mouse or computer, whatever it is, you can sell it and a, or if you have stuff in your parent's garage, you can sell that stuff and tell them you'll give them a percentage of what you sell. That's actually a really great business, and that's how I actually started out as an entrepreneur. I was selling stuff that I had on Ebay, and I made a few hundred bucks each week, and it was a great, it was a straightforward way to get started online when I moved to is I started selling other people's stuff on eBay and making the difference, you know, making a percentage of the profits. So that's a great way to get started. I like, you know, it's just straightforward, you know, buy it for $5, sells it at 10 a straightforward business model.

The third way of making money online is social media marketing, and you can find jobs on upwork.com upwork.com has a bunch of stuff where you can do social media marketing. I'm just going to search it right here. So as we see here, there are 2,386 jobs. Check that out. 2,386 jobs. People are looking for social media marketers. Now, once again, you're not going to become rich doing this. This person is accepting proposals for $5 to $10 an hour. Here's another person accepting proposals for less than $5 an hour, okay. So most of the proposals, again, are less than $5 an hour. Here's a proposal for 10 to $15 an hour, okay. So again, if you're working online, there competitive.

Market space is you have to understand you're competing with everybody in the world. So it's just competitive by the nature of it. And if you really want to make big money, you generally have to differentiate yourself somehow. I'm not going to apply to a job, but if I did, let's say wanted to apply to this job, this person is looking to build their Instagram followers, and they need help creating engaging posts. So what you do is you'd click on the post, you'd click submit a proposal. So this person requires credits to submit a proposal.

The fourth way of making money online if you're a college student is really simple. It's affiliate marketing and affiliate marketing. There are varying levels. It can get more advanced, and if you're looking to do, to learn more about affiliate marketing, I have a video series all about how to get started with affiliate marketing, but I'm going to show you a really basic way right here, which is Amazon associates. So if you go to amazon.com you'll see at the bottom they have an affiliate program. It'll say affiliate program, and you can earn up to 10% recommending people buy products on Amazon. And again, if you're a college student, you can do this. If for any age, you can do this, and what you do is you just sign up. You, see, join now for free. It says for free. See that. And you sign up. And when you're on Amazon, you can basically recommend any product you want. I'll show you right here. So let's say I wanted to make money from recommending this book by Cormac Mccarthy called no country for old men. Really great book. I just finished. There was a movie based on this book. If you guys saw the movie with Javier Bardem, an amazing movie, even more, amazing book. This guy is agnostic, you know, but you get the idea.

But what I would do is I'd simply go up here, and I click to get the link. See, it says Amazon associates. So when you sign up for their affiliate program, you'll get Amazon associates, and it'll show up site stripe, click get the link, click that you pulled out. It would give you a link, and all you'd have to do is you'd copy that link, and you'd paste it in social media or posted in forums or anywhere online. And if people click that link and buy a product, you are in a commission. Okay, so it's commission only sales. Now a better place to make money online is Clickbank. They pay much higher commissions, but I'm not here to talk about affiliate marketing. If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing, that's how I make money. I do have free training. There's a link in the description, but I hope you enjoyed this. I hope you learned a lot from this training. Whatever you got out of it, let me know in the comments. Let me know what you were most interested in and what you're going to apply in the comments. If it's basic tasks, if it's eCommerce, if it's social media marketing, or if it's affiliate marketing, let me know what the most useful to you was.


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