Top 10 Successful Online Businesses

What are the Top 10 Successful Online Businesses?

So in this video, I'm going to be showing you the top 10 online businesses. I'm going to be laying them out for you on my whiteboard and then I'm going to show you an example of each one of these businesses here on my computer. Let's get it.

The first online business I'm going to be talking about is Amazon FBA. Amazon FBA is basically you're selling products on Amazon. All the products being sold on Amazon. Most of them are independent sellers. And I'll show you an example on my computer after we finish everything. Shopify drop shipping is having your own independent web store outside of Amazon, but still selling e-commerce products. E-commerce is running your own e-commerce store outside of Shopify or Amazon and selling products. Being an Affiliate is marketing other people's products and receiving a commission just by doing the marketing just by connecting the dots.

And the other types of businesses, I'm just doing them all is:
blogging or vlogging is being an influencer, is doing PR for people, is running a social media marketing agency, running software or an APP company and also being a freelancer. So let's check out on my computer.

Some of, I'll show you an example of each one of these. So the first thing I'm going to show you is e-commerce. Now if you go on and if you scroll down to the very bottom right here, what you'll see is you'll see it says to make money with us and it says sell on Amazon. So you can sell products on Amazon. If you just click that and it'll show you, you know, you can sell a lot of products on Amazon. It costs 40 bucks a month, plus they take about 25% commission of whatever you sell. But that's a perfectly good way to get started. Now they have some information. They will show you all about how to get started selling, how to get your product seen by more shoppers, etc. Now one thing, and you can sign up right here to become an individual seller. See that or this button right here.

Now, the thing you have to know about selling on Amazon is generally speaking, you will need to spend about, be comfortable investing about $10,000 in products because Amazon will really only give your products preference if you have products already and you ship them to Amazon using what's their FBA program fulfillment by Amazon program, it's going to be hard to get started without FBA. Even if some people will try to say differently, you'll also need to get a lot of reviews if you don't have reviews of your product. If you're literally just starting from scratch, you'll need to have a way of getting reviews to your online store. So budget around, I mean at least $10,000 to get started if on selling Amazon and I would definitely budget money to invest in good training course such as amazing selling machine to learn how to sell on Amazon.
I have a free course on my youtube channel from one of my friends, a Tanner, J. Fox. If the click the link up here, I'm going to have my Filipino people put a link to that e-commerce, how to start any commerce business playlist.

So the next way to start a business is drop shipping using Shopify. So Shopify is a software, it allows you to start your own online e-commerce store, sort of like Amazon and host products on there. The way you will get the products is you'll again have to order them from China. In drop shipping's case you can, you don't necessarily need to order the products and advanced the whole concept of drop shipping is you can literally just buy the inventory on an as-needed basis. You can go sign up for drop shipping store and find some products that you will just slap your brand on and you'll sell them when somebody buys them.

Now the way you will get customers for a drop shipping business is you will have to spend money on Facebook ads unless you are going to do SEO or some other thing. The traditional way of getting doing the Shopify drop shipping business is Facebook Advertising to a targeted customer base. So let's say you're selling T-shirts that say I'm a nurse and I save lives or something like that. Some, you know like truckers do it better or something like that. You will target truckers on Facebook and you'll sell them your t-shirts, your mugs or whatever your mud flaps and you'll have your own custom logo or whatever on it. Again, then you can start a business cheaper than if you were to do Amazon FBA, but you'll still need, I would say a budget yourself about $5,000 for a training program for ads and for setting up your website and all that jazz. The little technical bits to get started with the Shopify drop shipping store.

The next sort of business you can start is just what I call straight e-commerce. Just e-commerce where you're actually selling products. Maybe you create a product and you want to sell it online and you're not using Shopify or Amazon. A great example of this is me undies MeUndies sells underwear on a subscription basis. They have a really fun brand. See Holy F—-ing softness I'm in heaven. They sell underwear. They use a lot of kind of like very desirable young people bodies to sell their underwear. And how they got started was they did Facebook ads but they actually got a lot of influencers involved. They would just send them free underwear and they'd say, or they'd ask them to create underwear for them and if they could take a picture of it and you see they have all sorts of logos on it.

See that's their brand their thing customizable under where there's, there's some really cool, Irish four-leaf clovers, here are some beavers, they've got all sorts of stuff heroes and polka dots. It's a fun brand and they were able to leverage people base influencers basically doing advertising for free. But what they had to invest was they invested a lot of money into basically reaching out to these people and creating free products until it just caught on and it's gone viral. They now have stores in many malls and it's a big brand now. So that's really cool. That was a kid from my college, actually.

The next business we talked about is affiliate marketing. It's a very broad sphere of things. You can sell other people's products and sell them almost anywhere. For me, I started out selling other people's products on Google, using Google ads to reach people and I was getting people to fill out information saying they were interested in investing in gold, you know, gold bars and stuff like that.

And I connected the dots there. The people didn't even buy anything they were just filling out their name, phone number and email address and I'd get paid about $2,000 per person who is interested in buying gold. That just connecting the dots there. Now you can advertise, you can be an affiliate marketer and advertise on Facebook, snapchat, Twitter. You can just post on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, youtube, whatever. That's how I make my money. And here's an example of an affiliate business. I just searched for the best diapers to buy. And you see this blog that says the 11 best diapers to buy in 2019 and you'll see they have all of these diapers listed with links to all these different diapers. And guess where their affiliate link is going to. These are all Amazon Affiliate links. If we look here, we'll see there's their affiliate link.

Okay, you see this? This is their id (very well family-20), that's their affiliate id. So that means anything you buy from this blog, they will make about 10% commissions on and they have a lot of links. See, they have to buy an Amazon buying Walmart. Anything you buy, anything you click on, on the site, they will make a commission on. And you'll see right up here at the top even disclaim it. They say we may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links. So that means this is an affiliate business. Now if you want to learn more about affiliate marketing, I have a playlist about how to get started with affiliate marketing. Somewhere at the top of this screen. Just look for the playlist or subscribe to my channel and go to the homepage. There's how to get started with affiliate marketing.

The next business you can do is the fifth business you can do online business is blogging or vlogging. And this is like my friend, Stefan James right here, he's a good looking guy. I'm from Vancouver and he blogs about self-actualization, about personal development. He's very big. We're both big into Tony Robbins and he talks about basically how to get the right mindset and transform your life. And His blog is called Project Life Mastery. He just started blogging about how he was trying to transform his life and he's been doing so for years and he makes millions of dollars a year at this point, blogging and vlblogging. And he does the combination, which is very powerful. He blogs and he has a big vlog. He has 692,000 subscribers on his youtube and over the years he's gotten a lot of followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

You see comes out with blogs every day and he just has, you know, is it too late to start on youtube affiliate marketing tutorial, so he's making money through affiliate marketing. You can also make money by putting up ads. I'm just allowing Google to show ads, but you make more money doing affiliate marketing. But he's a very good blogger and he's also really committed to making a difference. I would suggest you follow his channel on youtube. I'll have me, my Philipino people put up a link somewhere, you know, look, he's already built 12 schools. He's donated enough money to build 12 schools in some poor places.

The sixth business model I mentioned is being an Influencer. Now here's an example of an Influencer. His name is Jay Alvarez. Also another really just model specimen human being. But he makes his money by posting up basically pictures of his abs on Instagram, getting lots of followers. And he does deals with brands. You see, here's, here's a company, a Douche bags, which I've actually bought a lot of Douchebags because he recommended that I have bought like all my luggage is Douchebags now because he recommended them. He's a cool guy and he does deals with brands. Brands will pay him maybe like a quarter of a million dollars to Instagram and blog about their stuff, whatever clothing gear it is. It's a luggage company made by other YouTubers. So it's all, everything's getting in the mixed. But the point is he's helping sell these backpacks. I fell for it. I bought like $2,000 worth of Douchebags because I thought it's cool and it sounds cool. And my wife calls me a Douchebag. So I was like, look, make sense. He gets about a quarter million dollars per deal or more.

Now the seventh business model I was talking about is PR, publicity or public relations. This is an example of somebody who's hitting me up. It's a group called the Oracles. It says a mastermind of top entrepreneurs. And we're looking at we are in You see that right there and their business model is they get entrepreneurs to pay them anywhere from $5000 to $25,000 to feature them on big magazines like entrepreneurs. So you'll see we have a couple people here, we have Roberto Orci and you have Tai Lopez right here. Look at that. So Tia Lopez, you know shelling out money to be featured, you know, in places. You have Tia Lopez, you have Kevin Harrington, you have Com Mirza, etc. And that's basically the Oracles group is, you know, putting up content on entrepreneur, different fast company, different online magazines, and their clients. They're getting people like Tia Lopez to say, hey, yeah, I'll, I want to be featured in Entrepreneur. I'll give you some money. So they'll pay them money to get PR.

The eighth business model that I mentioned is starting a social media marketing agency. This is a company that I actually I was actually working with the Co-founder of this company. We, we sorta started this company. These are both friends of mine that run this ad agency. I didn't want to run an ad agency after I was doing affiliate marketing and I wanted to travel the world, but basically, some of my best friends work at this company, trained some of the people here, some good friends of mine run it and they do Facebook ads for companies. They have about 140 people working for them. They just started a few years ago. Point being it's a big, big agency, a great agency at Facebook ads. They get clients like the La Times or ring or the Chicago Tribune or MeUndies to pay them.
They get them to pay them anywhere from $5000 to $50,000 per month to manage their, their advertising for them. And they have their employees manage their advertising. So that's a very lucrative business and you can make a lot of money doing that.

The ninth business I mentioned is starting a software company. Now here's a software company started by my friend Carlos Cruz. Carlos Cruz is a prolific and very successful online, actually affiliate marketer. This is a side business of his, he's an amazing copywriter. English isn't his first language and he does about $2 million per month as an affiliate marketer. Now if you want to learn more about what Carlos does and learn about copywriting, I'm going to have my assistant post the link somewhere up here to a video series where you can watch Carlos as he writes and creates ads. Now he runs a big business as well, running a software company. This is a click track, called click tool and he gets people to pay him on a subscription basis for his click tracking tool. So basically the more people use his software, the more money he makes. So a really good thing. And oh here's a testimonial from me that's funny, but he runs a really cool software company and he makes money doing it.

And the 10th business model for creating an online business is being a freelance. You can be a freelancer doing independent video editing, writing work, sales work, marketing work, accounting work, legal work, whatever. Work on and you can see you can hire freelancers or you can simply be a freelancer on this side. If you just click how it works right up here, and then you go to, if you're freelancing, it'll show you instructions on how to get started working as skilled labor, freelance skilled labor online. So that's it.

Boom, that is 10 business models. I showed you examples of all 10( Amazon, Shopify, E-commerce, Affiliate, Blog, Vblog, Influencer, PR, Social Media Marketing Agency, Software freelancing). You have. Go out there and do it and I hope you enjoyed this video. This was a lot to put together. Please give me a big like for compiling all this and if you want to see more in-depth information and skills and tactics about how to make money doing this. I talked mostly specifically about affiliate marketing. Subscribe to my channel, and you're going to get a free course on how to do affiliate marketing just for subscribing, and please leave a comment, let me know what was the business model that is most appealing to you to start online.

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