Proven Internet Business Opportunities

Are you Searching for Proven Internet Business Opportunities? Look no further. John reveals Proven Internet Business Opportunities that have made him millions.

So I'll be showing you some proven Internet business opportunities that you can go into, make a lot of money with. In this video, I'll be going over five specifically that you can make money with and how you make money with those opportunities.

In this video, I'll be going over five proven Internet business opportunities that you can use to make money with. Some of these are pretty well known, but I've surrounded myself with so many people, Internet marketers, this is literally the best of the best there's a lot of ways you can make money online. But I would call these five, the most proven ones that are just easy and they just work like crazy, and there are a million ways within each of these options to make money.

So the first one, Amazon FBA, now that is a business model, and it is a traffic source. So what do I mean by that? Meaning you're going to make money from Amazon and Amazon will give you the traffic for your products. Now if you buy products and you ship them to Amazon, that's Amazon FBA. FBA means fulfillment by Amazon. So what Amazon prefers is that you actually ship your products to their warehouse is not that you actually package it up and ship it yourself because this allows people actually to take advantage of their prime membership.

So if somebody has a prime member like my family and I are, we can get the product overnight and what people want. The reason why Amazon has just exploded is because the shipping is so fast. I can get next day I anything the next day, anything. It's insane, and Amazon is ruling the market because of that, and you're covered by their refund policies, everything you're covered by when you're doing stuff through prime. So Amazon FBA is a good option, and by the way, these are in no particular order, these five opportunities, I'm just giving you some of the proven once. Now, if you're looking to learn more about Amazon Fbi a, I'm going to put half my assistant, put a link to a playlist of free videos that you can go through on Youtube about how you can make more money with Amazon FBA. This is an interview I did with my friend Tanner J. Fox who makes hundreds of thousands of dollars per year with Amazon. So he describes exactly how to pick products and how to do that. You can find the link in the description or by subscribing to my channel.

Now the second proven business opportunity on the Internet is affiliate marketing plus ads. Now, affiliate marketing is a business model. What affiliate marketing is, is selling products on a commission only basis. Okay? And the way you get paid is simply you recommend those products to other people through a link or something. If somebody buys it, you make money, okay. You make money, you make a percentage commission, you use Clickbank. Amazon has an affiliate program as well. ClickBank is the one I recommend they are share sale. There's a lot of ones, but Clickbank is probably the most proven affiliate network and ads you use ads to reach people. Now you can use a number of ways to advertise affiliate products. You're not beholden to one source. You know, you can use Facebook, you can use youtube, you can use Google to advertise affiliate related products. So you have a lot of traffic sources available. There's even way more can use, you know, Instagram, Twitter, and snapchat ads. There's a lot of opportunities, but the point being, using the affiliate marketing business model and using advertising fast, easy way proven to make a lot of money on the Internet.

If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing, I actually have a free course on affiliate marketing. You can subscribe to my channel, and after you subscribe on my homepage, there'll be a playlist that appears a free course on affiliate marketing taught by me. I do affiliate marketing for a living, and I made almost half a million dollars a month, over that some month doing affiliate marketing. So great business model. I love it. Now, that's how I got my start.

The third business model is Shopify plus Facebook ads. Okay? Shopify drop shipping is basically what you're doing is you're taking products from China usually, and the Chinese people are putting a label on them, and they're shipping them to the US when somebody buys him. And the way you reach people, the way you get your traffic is Facebook ads. Okay so you're making money through your Shopify store, and you're reaching people through Facebook ads.

Now, the fourth proven Internet business model is called starting a social media agency or what? I just abbreviate as SMMA. Okay. Social Media Marketing Agency. And this is what Tai Lopez teaches. If you've seen him “here in my garage, you know, here in my ski shell lay you know, here in my castle. I just landed home with my helicopter,” you know, he's teaching people how to start social media marketing agency is really what he's teaching people how to do. Now. I actually don't know if he's ever done it himself, but that's beside the fact he's famous now. Right. And the way you get people to become clients or leads for your social media marketing agency is oftentimes, you know, what Sam Ovens teaches is Facebook ads. There are a lot of ways you can do it not using the Internet, you know, conferences, networking, etc. But I'd say the most proven ways taught by Sam Ovens, and he teaches people to use Facebook ads and webinars to reach people and get leads for your social media agency. Smart way, proven way to start a business.

Now. The fifth business model is a pretty interesting one. It's a pretty new one. I'd say it's come about in the last two years, like really big time and that's what I call info products. Okay. Info prods. I'm just going to breviate like that plus Youtube. So info products plus youtube information products are basically training courses. You know, I sell a training course. The business models I'm doing are this and this. I have a training course on how to be an affiliate market. Now if you want to go through my six-week training course, it's a pretty long thing. It has goals. It's translated into 10 different languages, all this jazz, the results are crazy. I will actually have my assistant link to some of my success stories here, and my success stories have been through the moon. I'm really passionate about teaching, but using youtube to reach people to sell your information products. If you are an expert in anything, whether that's gardening, whether that's relationships, whether that's dealing with breakups, whether that's how to be happy, whether that's filming people, whether that's you know dressing someone or doing personal style or doing somebody's hair, whatever you are an expert in or you know a little bit more about than the average person.

You can reach people through a youtube channel or youtube ads and sell information on how to produce on that. Now within youtube, it's really about what I call how to videos, teaching people how to do something, how to do a Brazilian blowout, how to do you know, a fade. You know how to dress for success as a female, whatever that is. That's all useful information people are looking to get more of, and it's not in the textbooks. It's not in college. It's not taught in high school. It's not even taught in books in a visual enough way. It's everybody's turning for education to Youtube. So Youtube is a great place to teach people. It's a very proven business model. I have friends who are making tens of millions of dollars per year selling information products, just that, and they have a big youtube channel. That's it. So really all of these are very proven business models.

If I were to guesstimate of what each of these would cost actually to do, I'd say Amazon FBA, ten thousand dollars ($10,000) be willing to have that money to invest in both your training and the products themselves. Affiliate Marketing Plus Advertising, I'd say two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500) to invest in your training plus advertising, Shopify plus Facebook ads. I'd say you want to give yourself about maybe about four thousand dollars ($4,000) you know, to invest in your training plus the actual advertising itself. Social Media Marketing Agency, pretty cheap again, but I would say you'd still want about maybe about five thousand dollars ($5,000) to invest in training plus the actual marketing of yourself through Facebook ads. I will say you need more training actually to do this one and inflammation product plus youtube. This is something I'd say probably about ten thousand dollars ($10,000) because there's going to be a lot of trial and error. You need, you know, filming and time and just being an expert in something. This will take more trial and error. It's a newer space. There's not as much information about how to do this, so it's a bit of a longer learning curve.

Whoooo!, I hope that was helpful in teaching you some five proven business models online. Leave a comment. If one of these, in particular, stood out to you as something that was more interesting than the other, I'd really like to know. I don't know what's going to be more interesting to you, but let me know in the comments what seems like is the most useful business model for you or what isn't. I don't know. But like this video, if you learn something and also subscribe to my channel and just punched that notification bell, because if you want to see more ways of how to make money online, how to grow your business or how to do affiliate marketing, I come out with videos daily baby, and I'd love to see you in the next one


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