Part Time Job Ideas For Extra Income

Do you need Part Time Job Ideas For Extra Income? Most of us would like to make some extra cash. John Crestani gives his expert entrepreneurial advice.

So we all need extra money, and in this video, I'll be going over some part-time job ideas for extra income, and I'll be speaking from experience here because I've tried them all

So head over with me to this board. Now I'll be discussing a few part-time job ideas from experience and also that I've heard friends do so that you can make extra money without having to start a whole new business without having to get you know, an actual job that you'll have to quit.

First and foremost, the best place to go to to find part-time jobs is Craigslist. Craigslist has a whole smattering. You can go to search it on the Internet. You can find a whole smattering of just jobs. People are willing to pay for moving stuff, you know, whatever's happening in your area. It's going to vary by place, but there's a lot of jobs on craigslist. Some other part-time jobs you can do to earn extra income, what I call Gig or the APP based jobs. Okay. And some of those are being an Uber driver.

Okay, Uber. Another great app that I personally use for all my ride shares is Lyft, okay. Lyft is another APP. Uber has Uber eats as well. Another one is task rabbit, okay. Task Rabbit is all sorts of jobs, cleaning, organizing, moving data, entry, acting, whatever is needed. There are a million jobs on there. Download these apps and start working on them. Here are a few more apps too Wag. Wag is an app where you can take dogs for walks. You can be a dog walker and make money by walking other people's dogs. I use wag because I don't have the time to walk my dog all the time. You know, I try to make my life as an entrepreneur, as efficient as possible and work on my computer. I spend time with my family. If I don't have time to walk my dog, I'm going to order somebody on Wag.

Another app is Rover. Rover is an app where you can pay somebody to pet sit your dog. Another one is, I use a lot of dog apps as you can tell. Another APP is dog vacay. Dog Vacay is pet sitting but at the person's house. So you know, I would drop off my dog at a neighbor's house, and you know, I'd pay him through dog vacay. There are other apps which you can find out about online or where you can hire personal trainers. There's one where you can hire massage therapists called Sooth. I know that one, I use that one, but there's a lot of app-based jobs which are almost all part-time. So if you live in the US or Canada, some of these are options. If you don't live in a big city in the US or these may not be options with the exception of Uber and Lyft, which are worldwide now. We are going to go to a few more jobs. But these are the app based jobs, and craigslist is just kind of a job board. You'll want to look under the gig section of craigslist to find jobs.

A few other good jobs you can do are what I call door to door sales. A door to door sales is one of the oldest jobs in America. And you can go to door selling products. You do it on your own schedule. If you can sell stuff, you can sell stuff anywhere. You can join a company such as Kirby Vacuum or you'll see people sell insurance door to door life insurance, auto insurance people sell cable tv door to door people sell security systems and pest control. Lawn mowing is a great thing if you're looking to mow people's lawns or if you're looking to trim people's trees, you can go door to door and sell your services by yourself.

You could just say, Hey, I have a lawnmower. I will mow your lawn. You know, if you pay me 20 bucks every week. Or You could join a company and just find a pest control or a security company or a cable TV company and ask them if you could go door to door selling for them, you know, to get customers, they'll give you money.

Another job is cold calling, oftentimes a part-time job. I started off, in college, I was working for a telemarketing company selling advertising services, something similar to the yellow pages. I was working for this company called National Positions. I don't think they're around anymore, but companies like the yellow pages and Reach Local sell, you know local advertising services. There are all sorts of companies you can work for that get business from cold calling and a part-time job.

Other jobs you can get catering. Being a caterer is a very part-time job. It's based on when people have big dinners that they need caters so you can talk to a local catering company in La. Wolfgang Puck is, it's the catering company that all of the movie studios and all of the big parties and events usually use to hire out their catering for, but in your local area you can find restaurants that have a demand for caterers, and you can ask them, you could say, Hey, do you need any people, you know, an extra hands on deck to help cater events that you work.

Other jobs are, this is a weird one. This is one that I did when I was just getting started in my business. I needed some extra income. Is being a medical Guinea pig. Generally speaking, you can't find a medical Guinea pig job everywhere. You can find a lot of them in Los Angeles, but I was a medical Guinea pig when I was young, and I was needing extra money. Generally speaking, get paid about $3,000 a week, two to $3,000 a week as a medical Guinea pig, depending on what you're doing. So you can make a lot of money as a medical Guinea pig. But again, you're working for what are called clinical trials. That would be the keyword to search clinical trials, and clinical trials are generally ordered from companies such as Merck, Pfizer, Johnson, and Johnson, etc. by the big billion dollar medical companies to test out their drugs on humans. And I was one of those human test subjects, and you make a lot of money doing it. So maybe that's why I'm crazy. Maybe that explains everything. So without any skills, you can get a job paying $10,000 a month, and most of the time you're just sitting around and having your blood drawn every hour or two. You know, that's what you do. Might be a little too weird for you.

Another job is being a movie extra. So if you live in areas such as Los Angeles, Toronto, Vancouver, Louisiana, Georgia, New York, Austin, etc., there are a lot of cities where there's demand, you know whenever there's film shoots or whatever, you can be a movie extra and make an extra hundred to $200 a day just for kind of standing around and being a person. That's a lot of fun. I remember I was in my teens when I was a movie extra as a movie extra during the summers, and I made a lot of money and just some extra money. It was boring, but meet a lot of cute girls there too. I was, random fact I was an extra on Entourage. I was an extra on the OSI show. I was an extra on the movie, Give them to the Greek and just a number of other things and Laguna beach too. So I was an extra on some of those shows. Which was a lot of fun? You don't really see me much. You might see my elbow or something in them. But, uh, that was, that was my claim to fame when I was younger.

I hope this gives you some extra ideas on how to earn extra money using part-time jobs. If you want to learn more about how I make money as an affiliate marketer, an online entrepreneur, you can check the, I don't know my description or something, and there should be some free training links to how I make money as an affiliate marketer. But if you enjoy this video, I please like subscribe to the channel to see more videos and also comment and let me know what you would like to see next.

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