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So I'm going to show you some legit ways to make extra money, whether you live in the US or outside of the US I'm going to be going over a number of APP based jobs. We'll also be going over a number of Internet-based jobs and I'll show you those on my computer right here in a second.

So check this out. There's a lot of ways to make extra money and I'm assuming when you're looking for a way to make extra money you need to have a job, something that you can do at various times of the day. This is a side job, just extra money to supplement what you're already doing. So I'll be going over, as I said, app-based jobs and just side hustles you can do to make extra money. And also I'll be going over Internet-based jobs. A lot of the APP based jobs are based in the US and some of them are not international yet, but I'll be talking through all of them and I'll be given some Internet-based jobs that you can do just using your computer. For those of you that may not have access to some of these.

So the first opportunity, which I'm sure everyone here has heard about, is you can be an Uber or Lyft driver. Those are great ways that, I don't know, tens of thousands or millions of people. I don't know what it is, have to make extra money. I don't drive anywhere. I use Lyft everywhere I go I think Lyft is a better company. It's got more personality and encourages people to sit in the front and do the fist pump, which I don't, I just think that's cool. And they used to have that big furry pink mustache on the front. That was funny. This is a great way to make extra money. And there are even ways that you can, uh, when you sign up you can use it. That you can be a driver without your own car. So there's like companies that will rent you cars just so you could drive people around. They'll take like a percentage of whatever you make. Great Opportunity.

Another great way to make money is if you just want to like babysit kids. If you want to be a nurse or a night nurse or a Doula, if you want to a babysitter, the best place to go would be care.com I think they have an APP. I know it's a website but me and my wife, we're always doing crazy stuff. So we use care.com for all of our nannies and for our night nurse. It's a great place to go to. Another site which you can go if you want to get a job is TaskRabbit, task rabbit. That's an APP and you there so many tasks on task rabbit you can find that basically can do like moving or Data Entry or Event Coordination or there's, there are all sorts of stuff that you can get on an organization. There's like a million different tasks you can sign up to do on taskrabbit.com really great app. I've used it a ton as somebody who gets people and it's a great app.

Other apps are wag. If you want to walk dogs and if you want to make some extra money walking dogs wags a great app. It's not available in every city but in some major cities in the US, I know it is available and you can be a dog walker there. Warning about this though, there is a, like a zillion people want to be dog walkers and it's very hard to get accepted to be a dog walker for wag because I guess it's like everybody's favorite job, you know and like hell, like who wouldn't want to hang out with dogs all day? I hear only like one in every like 50 people get accepted to be a dog walker. But hey maybe you have a good way to get in.

Another one is Sooth. Sooth is an APP where you can sign up to be a massage therapist. So people like me will go on this app and say I need a massage and you know, message people will come over to my house in a and they'll give me a message. I do believe you have to have your own massage table to do it. And I believe you need to be a certified masseuse to be on soon. But again, that's a great opportunity if you just want to make some extra money on your own schedule.

And last but not least, there is handstand. Now handstand is if you want to make some extra money as a personal trainer if you are fit. And if you're good at like, you know, getting people motivated and going on runs. I personally get lonely sometimes, so I'll just get somebody on handstand to go for a run with me because I don't know, I like running and, I like to figure out how to be healthier. So handstands, a great app to be a personal trainer, fitness coach or whatever you want to be.

Let's go to my computer. And if you're not in the US I know some of these things may not be available. Uber's pretty much available. But let's go to my computer and I'll show you some Internet-based opportunities for how you can earn extra money. Hey, so the first way to make extra money as I'm starting out with the most recognizable place, which is amazon.com. Now if you go on Amazon, you can scroll all the way to the bottom here and you will see there's a whole section in the footer that says make money with us. Check that out. Okay. Make money with us. Look at all the ways you can make money with us. You can sell, you can sell, sell, sell. You can become an affiliate, you can advertise products, self-published.

There's a lot of different ways. Now I'm going to go over and see there are even more ways right here. I'm going to go over the most basic way you can make money with Amazon. I don't even recommend it, but I'm going to explain to you why. So the most basic way is you could actually just do basic tasks on Amazon such as taking surveys and identifying objects. And naming objects and pictures sounds really neat, right? Just do basic work and paid. You don't have to have any skills to do this. And there are over a thousand jobs. So this is called Amazon M Turk and it stands for Amazon Mechanical Turk and you can sign up for free and you're assigned a worker id. It's kind of weird and dystopian. But check this out so we have a thing right here. Short survey takes nine minutes. Are you serious?

Look at this reward. You get paid 10 cents. Okay, 10 cents for nine minutes. That's like a penny a minute. Okay, that's ridiculous. So the problem with Amazon Mechanical Turk and like hoping to do like surveys and stuff for extra money is you get paid like nothing. Like you'll get paid like 60 cents an hour, if you were to do jobs on here and even so look, your qualification is, you have to be based in the US what's crazy is they are getting, they've already had 658 people do this task in the US for essentially 50 cents an hour. That's nuts. But that's how crazy the demand is for people to just do unskilled tasks online. Pretty nuts if you ask me people working for 50 cents an hour. However, if you just want to make some extra money, you can just log on except and work and you can make some extra money that way.

Aren't going to make much though better uses of your time. The other way you can make money is you can do it. I do. You can sell products on Amazon. That takes time to learn how to do. You can buy products for cheap and sell them. You do need to invest money to learn how to do this skill. But the good news is you can make millions and millions of dollars. I have a friend in Bangladesh who's making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, which is like really big money over there. He sells products on Amazon in the US, and he just never touches them. He just buys them from trying to ship them to the US it makes a lot of money. If you want to learn more about how to do that and you can go to my channel and see here's my channel, John Crestani and these are my friends, Mike and Carlos.

And you can go to the section where it says free marketing training and mini-courses. And here I have a section right here, which is how to start an Amazon FBA business. My friend Tanner J, Fox goes over in this video series how to start. He goes over how to start an Amazon business. There are four videos here, pretty good and you can learn about the basics of how to do that. From there, if you want to learn how to do what I do, which is affiliate marketing, which is selling other people's products and earning a commission, I'm basically a commission based salesperson online. And here I'll show you an example of products on Amazon.

I can create an affiliate link and this is what I do. I basically get people to click on that link. I blog, I vblog, post the link on emails and I post the link on ads and stuff like that. And if people buy products from Amazon or other websites, I make a commission. I'll make anywhere from 5% to 75% commission on what people buy. You can go to my channel and you can subscribe basically. Well, it doesn't show the subscribe button because I guess I'm already subscribed to myself, but when you subscribe you will get a free affiliate marketing course. You know, it's 10 videos, how to do what I do, which is affiliate marketing, selling products on the Internet.

So that's about it. I have a lot of other information on my channel. Feel free to learn about different things if you just look into getting motivation and how to be an entrepreneur. I have a playlist here, but that's about it. If you enjoy this video, please big like thumbs up, like, and if you want me to talk about a specific topic or if you have a question on this topic, make sure to leave a comment. I'd love to hear from you and also subscribe and hit that notification bell so I can see in the future. Let's talk soon.

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