Launch, Launch, Launch, Launch

Its 2:04 in the morning right now as I’m writing this.

I’ve just launched a record number of campaigns and ads, I already have positive ROI on some ads I launched earlier today, and I feel delirious from a long day of work but good.

It was just a month ago and one of my biggest campaigns died. A solid 5 figures per month worth of revenue gone, POOF. This industry is constantly changing, the offers come and go, the ad networks change, and advertising that once worked ends up dying out. The only constant you have is YOURSELF. This is why I believe firmly in only one mantra; no matter what:

Launch, Launch, Launch, Launch.

If you are not launching new campaigns, you are not learning; you are not growing. Marketing is a super competitive arena, its constantly changing, and the barriers are extremely low. Investing in yourself, and growing your own base of knowledge is the most powerful thing you can do.

What I love about affiliate marketing is that you directly get rewarded f0r the effort you put into it. If you spend your time on the computer messing around, you get nothing. However if you spend your time constantly launching new ads, new angles, new offers, new traffic sources, you will get massively rewarded.

Many people find it difficult to break into affiliate marketing. I feel this is because it is such a blend of the creative and the technical. Regardless of what other people say, you NEED to know basic programming. You also need to be an outside-the-box thinker to come up with new ad angles and figure out creative ways of reaching your audience. Usually when I see people fail to make it in this industry, it is either because they are unwilling to learn basic programming, design, or to think outside-the-box. Typical symptoms of magic pill syndrome aka shiny object syndrome.

What are you doing today to create more revenues for yourself?

Whenever you launch a new offer, angle, and/or traffic source, you are opening yourself up to acquire more revenues/profits for yourself. Too much of our time (mine especially) is spent wasting time on activities that have a low-correlation with money-creation. Charles Ngo has created an entire company structured around allowing him to launch new campaigns constantly. Hes a great role model to me, and incredibly smart for knowing where the most value is derived. This too is a direction I want to move my organization in.

A few things I’ve done to help assist me in launching more often:

What are some things you do to keep yourself on point, and ensuring that you expand your business?



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