Is Facebook Work From Home Program Legit

The Facebook Work From Home Program is explored by John Crestani. Is it legit or should you avoid it altogether? Find out.

Is Facebook work at home program legit? Is that real? Can you just hang out on Facebook all day and have money in your face? I'm going to go over at in this video.

So my guess is you've been to a certain number of sites that look like this. I'm going to flash some sites here, but that tells you that you can earn millions of dollars working at home. Working for Facebook or something to that extent or that Mark Zuckerberg is just handing away money for people to work for Facebook. There's a lot of scams out there, you and people need to be aware of what's real and what's not. Most of the things you see online, almost everything that you see online about Facebook working at home with Facebook will be a scam. Okay, we'll be a scam. And what they don't tell you is that to really make money with Facebook, you need to have at least a million followers on your page. You need to really have at least a million followers to really make a full-time income? I'm going to go over exactly how to make money on Facebook in a second here, I'm going to show you on my computer, but first I want to tell you what is a scam and then we'll get into how you can really make money with Facebook.

So I've seen a lot of things say that you can make money posting links on Facebook and wow. Yes, my business is affiliate marketing, and it is posting links and earning commissions that are not Facebook paying you money, so you're not actually working for Facebook if you're posting links on Facebook that is not Mark Zuckerberg paying you money. Also, if you found some like Facebook work at home program through an ad, then it's fake because Facebook would never advertise any of their work at home programs. Okay. That's another thing they simply do not do. And third off, if you found some sort of program which is making you pay to get some sort of work at home kit to work for Facebook, you know that is a scam as well because Facebook would not make you pay them to work for them.

Okay. It's just not how it works. So let's go into what is not a scam. Okay So first off, to give it a little context here, I've made a lot of money using Facebook, but what I do is I buy ads on Facebook, Okay, I've spent millions of dollars. I've actually given Facebook, you know, let's say about a million dollars, but I've made back about $3to $4 million. So I advertise products on Facebook, and I get people to buy them. But that's not Facebook paying you money, and that's not what we're going to talk about here. Okay, well we're going to talk about is how actually to have Facebook pay you money.

Facebook's name is on the cheques. Now on the screen here, I have one of my acquaintances Rob Dial. Okay, see and his channel is on Facebook is Rob Dialed Jr. And what you'll see here is I travel the world, I make videos, and I run iTunes motivational podcast.

So he has a few, few different things going on here, but he makes, he makes a good amount of money with Facebook because Facebook will pay him to put ads in the videos he produces and he produces viral videos. Now what Facebook does is they'll pay him money to put ads in the videos he puts online. So you see he has a lot of popular videos. This video got 49 million views on Facebook. Now he has 1.4 million followers on Facebook. And what I've to give kind of advise to you is if you are just looking to create a business around getting money from ads that Facebook posts on your videos, a fulltime income, you'll have $10,000 a month. You'll need to have roughly a million subscribers, okay. You'll need to have roughly a million followers to make $10,000 per month using Facebook's ad revenue. Now the way you make it is called the audience network, okay.

We see audience network by Facebook and the audience network is they deliver ads for you. Again, they're cutting all the deals with the advertisers. All the stuff and they're just putting ads on your videos, and they explain all this on network. Okay. They put ads on mobile devices, everything. So that's a good idea. But again, to do that, to have a full-time income, you need to have a lot of followers. So it's not an instant thing. It takes a lot of work. Rob, you know, for instance, works very hard to, to create, you know, he's an extremely creative person to create these videos that are going, you know, that is so popular. And also keeping in mind he has, you know, he has multiple streams of income, he has a lot of difference. You know he is also the top motivational podcast on apple. He has, um, you know, he, you know, he has a lot of, he has a lot of things going for me his other products and services you offer to people. It's not just ad revenue for him, but that gives you an idea of what it takes actually to make money from Facebook.

Now in regards to me, you know what I do kind of backing up to that is what I did to make money as I used facebook. Facebook allow connects with over a billion people, or maybe it's 2 billion people now all over the world. And I used it to, you know, I paid Facebook to put ads on there, and I used Facebook to target ads, you know, and sell products to specific groups of people. Um, and I just, you know, I got good at marketing, which is basically sales and I would buy their ads, and I'd hope that if I spent $100 in advertising on Facebook that I would make $200 back.

And that's the business I'm in. And that's actually the average return. It's a 50%, you know, the margin that most affiliate marketers see. If you want to learn more about how I buy ads on Facebook and use them to get in front of people and sell products to them, you can sign up for my free training, which is in the description somewhere, something like that. So make sure you like this video. If you got something from this and leave a message in the comments of what you found the most interesting or what helped you out the most that you know, just understanding that most of the things are scams or understanding. There are certain ways to kind of make money, either with Facebook or utilizing, you know, Facebook products. , let me know in the comments. Make sure to subscribe if you'd like more to see more videos on just how you can make money online. If you'd like to learn how I made this, you know, the massive stack of cash, in front of you. You know, make sure to check out my free training.


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