How To Take A Year Off Work And Travel

Have You Ever Wondered How To Take A Year Off Work And Travel?

So in this video, I'm going to show you how to take a year off and travel the world like I've done and I'll show you these three nifty guidelines that I've used to determine my needs to getting out there and making stuff happen. So in order to take a year off and travel. There are a few things you need to understand. First off, I've kind of abbreviate everything by N.S. P.

The first part of this is needs. You need to know what your needs are. There are two components of this, okay? You need to know your needs in terms of money, and you need to know your needs in terms of time. So needs in terms of money, we can look at a few things to determine what you need first off to even get anywhere in the world. It depends on where you're going to start for taking a year off to travel. You could be starting at your own doorstep. Okay, so you could just say, I'm starting wherever I live, and I'm just going to strive off and do whatever. Okay, that's great. That means it'll cost you nothing, you know, to go off and start your trip or maybe you're going to rent a Winnebago, right.

That's if you're going to buy or rent a van or something that's going to cost you money, so you have to factor that into your needs. I'm going to use rough numbers for this, and just as a disclaimer for this situation, I'm going to assume you don't have a lot because I don't know your individual case. You might have a mortgage, you might have a car payment, you might have an ex-wife who needs payments every month. You might have kids. Again, whatever those are, those are things you'll have to calculate yourself into your base, but above your base is the stuff I'm going to talk about here.

Okay, so needs in terms of money, typically speaking, you're talking about a starting cost of $1,000. Okay, you want a plane ticket to Thailand, it costs you about 750 bucks. And to get phone service in Thailand or something like that, or in Bali, you're going to have to pay some money just to get a data plan. In these countries, you might have to pay another 50 bucks or so there's starting costs of getting situated anywhere in the world. You might need mosquito repellent, you might need shots, you might need vaccinations. There's a number of things you might need to pay for a visa. So moving to your first place generally requires, you know, some money, wherever that is, you know, if it's Europe or Asia or whatever. So let's say to start, it's $1,000. Now when you're traveling, here are some rules of thumb to use. And just to give you my experience, I took a year off, I think it was my junior and my senior year to just travel. And what I did was I traveled a bit of the world. I traveled all around Asia, Southeast Asia mainly. And there've been multiple points in my career where I've taken months off at a time to just travel.

And so all of these numbers come from my personal experience in traveling and doing this myself. So if you want to travel on the cheap side after you've gotten situated original thousand dollars, you'll need about five hundred dollars ($500) per month. I'd say that's the absolute cheapest that (90) ninety-some percent of people I believe would be willing to go to. I'm sure there are people who can talk about how you can spend even less than five hundred dollars ($500) a month. But generally speaking, I figure that you need about eight to ten ($10) per night to stay at a hostel or something like that. And you need about, you know, something like, you know, five ($5) or so per night for food or per day for food. Because in lots of countries like Thailand or something, each meal is, you know, two bucks or so. Now if you want to travel more comfortably, I recommend about a thousand dollars.

If you have a thousand dollar ($1,000) per month to spend, what she'll get is a little more what I call comfortable travel. You'll be able to spend a little more, you won't have to stay in a hostel if you have a thousand dollar ($1,000) per month to spend. He can stay in a cheap hotel for certain nights. Okay. If you're traveling, that have, you know, like shampoo bottles and, and you know, a conditioner and body wash so that you can cushion up, you know, a couple of times a week. And also you can, you can pay for some nicer meals here and there, but really a thousand dollar ($1,000) a month gives you more flexibility to travel. Okay. If you're just looking to stay situated in one place. Like with minimal amounts of travel, five hundred ($500) a month is good, but if you're looking to take a train somewhere or spend more money going to new countries and pay visa fees and stuff like that, that's going to cost you a little more.

Okay. So need a little bit more money to do that a thousand ($1,000) a month will allow you to travel throughout, you know, more countries. You know, generally speaking. Now if you'd like to be a little more comfortable traveling two thousand ($2,000) is a pretty good range to be in. If you want to take plane flights to new countries, you know, every other week or if you want to, stay in a hotel or a motel or something like that, if you want to eat what you want generally, you know, two thousands ($2,000) gives you roughly sixty or seventy dollars ($60 or $70) per day to spend and that gives you, you know, ten to fifteen dollars ($10 to $15) per meal and it gives you, you know, thirty to forty (30 to 40) bucks a night, which is pretty reasonable for international travel is it won't necessarily allow you to be in like the first world countries like hotels in like or France.

But you could travel first world countries like Europe and whatnot on two thousand dollars ($2,000) a month and a stay in hostels. So realistically speaking, if we add all of this up, we can put a range of five hundred to two thousand dollars ($500 to $2,000) per month that it would take to travel for a year. And the starting costs of any sort of travel are going to be about a thousand dollars so above, and beyond whatever expenses that I don't know about that you have that, you know, it could be mortgage car, I don't know what they are, but I don't, I can't calculate your expenses right here. You know, it'll cost an additional seven thousand to twenty-five thousand dollars ($7,000 to $25,000) if you want to travel for a year. Okay. If you want to travel comfortably, there'll be about two thousand dollars ($2,000) if you want to travel. You just want to do it, you want to do it, and you don't care how, you know how grody and you know you're staying in hostels every night, and you're staying in cheap hostels every night and all that stuff costs you seven thousand dollars $7,000 for the year. But it's totally possible. These are good ranges to kind of go-between. So those would be your needs in terms of money.

Now let's talk about your needs in terms of time, how your needs in terms of time. This can play a crucial role. For some of you, you may just want to take a year off. You don't want to do any work whatsoever. You don't want to do anything to make a dollar, okay. You don't care about money at all. But some of you may have businesses where you can freelance so you can contribute or you can do something with your work while you're out there. For me, I run an internet business. Okay and I've been running an internet business since 2012, and that's really afforded me, you know, it was kind of the reason traveling was the impetus that I started in internet business because it's very easy to travel.

But when you run an internet business, just, you know, I, all I need is an internet connection. One thing you might want to consider if you're working a job or you've been, you know, you've had tenure and you're working in a job for a long time, is maybe what you want to do is you want, you want to work remotely for your company. You know, you want to do certain projects remotely, on a monthly basis and that's a perfectly acceptable way you can earn some money. And this sort of situation can allow you to travel literally for life because as you saw to live comfortably overseas, you need about $24,000 per year. So working remotely with your job is a really feasible choice. Now what you need to do is you do need to prepare for working remotely with your job.

You need to let your boss know, and it depends on what sort of terms you are, but they could not pay your salary. So you need to, oftentimes people want to account for, you know, that their job lays them off while they're traveling. But as you saw on scenarios, if all you need is seven (7 to $25,000 ) seven to twenty-five thousand dollars there's a very high likelihood that you can travel indefinitely if you had a remote working arrangement, even if you're being paid half your salary in many cases. So it's a really feasible thing for me. I can automate quite a number of things in my business, but I'll still need to spend a few hours per week actually to run my business and bring in some money. Now personally, you know, I have a lot of money saved up so I could travel anyways. But if I wanted to continue having my business make me money, I still need to, you know, focus on automating things. So knowing your needs in terms of time is important. You know, how many hours per week do you need to be working, whether you have some sort of remote work arrangement or whatever. So you want to get your needs down. And also, this is going to go into we're going to talk about this later, but this will affect some of the other steps.

The second step is saving. And you want to save money, and you want to save time. Now it's obvious how much money we want to say. If you know, we want to save seven to twenty thousand dollars( $25,000) those are the numbers. In terms of saving time, that's not so obvious. Now for us, if you are traveling for a year, it depends on what it looks like for you. Again, if your needs and travel or just not even do anything work related the entire time, then you need all 24 hours a day.

But if your needs are that, you know, you're comfortable like me, you know, I'm comfortable spending a few hours per week running my business, but you know, I want to travel the rest of the time that factors into things. Let's say I only want to work five hours a week. I would need to do certain things in my business to make sure that, you know, I automate certain activities that I'm required for so that I don't have to spend that time managing those activities. So my business runs itself more now. There's a number of activities I do in my business. For instance, I do a lot of training webinars. I have accountants and lawyers and you know, bookkeepers and media buyer. I have all these people that always want to talk to me, you know, salespeople, etc. Tons of people are always wanting to talk to me.

And I would really need to automate a lot of these processes to make sure that, you know, I don't have all these people always wanted to talk to me and always expecting me on these training webinars and yadda, yadda, yadda every single day. Also in my situation, you know, I've mortgages, I have all this other stuff that requires time, you know. So understanding what your kind of basic activities are, you know, my life's a little more complex now, but you know, I'm assuming some of your lives, you know, maybe your life has certain things that you'll need to maintain and you'll need to find ways to save time so that you can reduce the amount of time you need to spend on maintaining whatever it is you currently have.

The third step is to plan, and this is the most exciting part. Obviously, you know, once you have saved up the money and you've, you've reduced the amount of time you need to spend if you're entrepreneur freelance or, if you were just like, I'm out, get to plan. And whether it's you go to Thailand or whether it's to go to Bali, great places, whether it's to go to Marocco or Brazil or wherever these places are, you want a time around, you know, for me, I have to plan things around where there's going to be good, consistent Internet access. Some of the most beautiful areas in the world don't have great Internet access, so I need to pick beautiful places that do have Internet access, you know, and consistent Internet access. That's a big problem with a lot of countries. I also need to make sure, for me, I need to make sure I go to hotels or hostels or whatever that have Internet access, not just some sort of like tethered mobile connection. I've been to so many hostels that, you know, they're like, oh, we have internet, but it's like a tethered connection to somebody's cell phone.

It sucks which is funny. This Airbnb I'm staying in here in Utah, I didn't think it was going to be the same situation where they have tethered mobile connections through the Internet is out. But you want to plan around where you're going to be and where you're going to go and what the cheapest routes to get there are.

Now, I hope you enjoyed this video. Make sure to like subscribe to my channel if you want more information on how to work for yourself and also comment if, if anything, in particular, helped you or kind of sparked an idea in your head, let me know what it was and let me know how it helps you out. And even where you're planning to go, that's really exciting. Hope to see you travel the world as is the best decision of your life. Travel for a year. It's amazing, and it'll change your perspective on things. Great seeing you and thank you for this opportunity to share with you.


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