How To Make Real Money Playing Online Games

John shows how to make real money playing online games

How to make real money online. If you're a Gamer, I'm going to be going over three ways you can do this, and I'm going to be showing you some stuff on my computer here of exactly where to go to start earning those real dollars.

So in this video, I'm going to show you how to make real money playing online games, and I'm going to show you three different ways that you can make real money playing online games. Number one is with ads. Number two, I'm going to show you a few methods actually how to do number two, which is sponsorships. And in just a second here, I'm going to be going over that everything on my computer. Okay. So, and number three is with your own products. Now a little bit about me. I am an online entrepreneur. I've been doing this for, for years. I, my company makes around $5 million a year. And while I don't personally make money with online games, my brother does. And I'm going to show you one of, one of the ways he does in a second here. So let's, let's go to my computer and go over some of the ways that you can make real money. Playing online games. It's actually pretty cool.

So the first method of making real money playing online games is with ads and twitch, Twitch, TV. I mean if you're playing games, you know twitch, okay, everybody's using twitch, Overwatch for the win, right. So go on twitch, you start a channel, you start live streaming, and you can make money with ads. You know, again, it's based on the number of viewers and all that jazz. You have to have a certain number of viewers, but you can build yourself up really big, and it doesn't cost much money to do this. I mean, here we have, you know, 126,000 viewers right now on, you know, GDQ, 58 I mean there's just an insane number of viewers. Ninja has 58,000 viewers. I mean, Ninja makes insane amounts of money, and it doesn't, I thought he was the biggest, he's not even the biggest.

So that's one way. Sign up for twitch, play ads, stream yourself, etc. obvious. The other way is making money with sponsorships. A few ways you can do sponsorships are you can actually have your own subscribers or followers pay you a sponsor you to follow you. So that's a real good option. And I'll show you that on youtube in a second. Now the second way you can have sponsorships done is you can actually have a brand sponsor you, through working with an MCN, an MCN is a multichannel network. And what that means is it's a youtube network or a twitch network. They work with a lot of people in your category, let's say a game, or they'll work with a lot of other, maybe Overwatch gamers and they'll find companies that want to sponsor the whole group of you. So this is really effective if you don't have a lot of people that watch your channel because what an MCN does is they take, you know, a hundred small Overwatch channels and they'll say, hey, you know, they'll go to a big brand.

They'll say, you know, like, you know, you know, razor, which is, you know, a gaming mouse company. Or they'll say, hey raiser, we can bring you 100,000 viewers, but it's over a hundred channels that only have about a thousand viewers each and raise your, we'll say, cool, I'm only interested in sponsoring if there's a lot of viewers. So that works out. And the third type of sponsorship, if you are a Gamer, is actually just going to brands yourself and creating your own direct deal. Now, if you can get a direct deal with a company, usually you're going to make the most money. I mean, again, to do something like this, usually, you have to have a little bit of an ability to negotiate and some business skills. But if you're trying to make really big money, creating a direct deal with a, you know, with a big whatever it is, gaming company or Game Game House, we'll make you, millions of dollars.
So look at my computer, I'm on Youtube right here. And as you'll see, if you're in creator studio and you have to be logged into youtube to do this, you'd go to creator studio and under community. And channel memberships, you'll see it says to build a business on Youtube, and you can have people pay you five bucks a month to sponsor your channel. So you can imagine if you get a hundred people sponsoring your channel, you're going to get $500 a month. If you can get 500 people sponsoring your channel, you'll get, you know, 2,500 a month. So obviously this can grow. The more subscribers you have, the more, the more followers you have that sponsor you, the more money you make. And you can give him special perks. You can give them a lot of special content to make it worth their while and really create that tribal membership.

Now here's Machinima. Machinima is an example of a multichannel network, okay. And machinima works with a lot of big gamers, okay? They're probably the top dog in the, of the MCNs that work with gamers. And you can check out some of their talents right here. You know, KGB, you have all these, you have all these big tons of big gamers are here, and they work with a ton of huge brands.

And the third way I talked about that making, making money as a Gamer is starting your own product and a really easy way, an example of starting your own product is like Jake Paul started mavericks. Jake Paul's a really big youtube. He's not a Gamer, but he started his own clothing line called maverick. Okay. And it's just a symbol of this like eagle, and it's, you know, he's like be maverick Bro.

But, you can create your own designs really easily. Just find some cool images. Or are you, you write some funny words and you can create, create a product, see it says start designing. So you can just click start designing, and you can create whatever shirt you want. And generally speaking, you will get, you know, they, they, the shirts cost like four or five bucks, and you can sell them for 20 bucks. So you pocket like $15 or whatever for a t-shirt. So you could sell clothing to your audience, and it makes a lot of money. You know, Jake Paul makes millions of dollars a month. Selling is Maverick clothes.

So whatever it is you want to do, you can do it. And it's very easy to make real money. As a Gamer. Again, it all, we start with building that audience always starts with building that audience. A good rule of thumb is about $1 per year per subscriber, okay. Or per follower, whatever it is on twitch, on Youtube, if you have a million subscribers you can reasonably expect to make, or you should be making about $1 per subscriber. If you have 100,000 subscribers, you should be making about a hundred thousand dollars a year. Okay. So it varies. But, those are about the numbers. So really everything is based on grow your subscriber base, grow your fan following, and you will make more money. So if that's been helpful. So let me know. We talked about a couple of different ways of making money as a Gamer. Let me know in the comments what you found was the most interesting to you or what kind of hit home, you know, ads, sponsorships, or products. Make sure to like this video and subscribe to this channel. If you want more tips and also some free giveaways and how to make money, that's what I do. That's what I do.


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