How To Make Money Online Fast, For Free, And Easy

John Crestani shows how to make money online fast, for free, and Easy

Hey. So this video is about how to make money online fast, easy and free. And I'm going to be showing you on my little laptop right here. It's a big laptop about how you can make money doing this with Amazon and eBay.

So the three ways that we're going to go over about how you can make money fast, easy and free online. First off, basic tasks. I'll show you a really easy way. You don't make big money can probably make five to $10 per hour doing basic tasks. But I'm going to show you how you can make money doing that. I'm just going to show you how you can sell stuff that maybe it's in your garage or maybe you already own it, how you can sell that stuff online, which called e-commerce. Or maybe you can even sell other people's junk online and make some money doing it. So, and this is, this is actually where I got started online. So it's Kinda cool. And in the third one, I'm going to show you how you can make money with marketing. Marketing is basically sales, you know, selling stuff on the internet that might be too aggressive for some of you. So let's go over to my computer, and I'm going to go over these three different ways of being able to make money online.

So the first place we start is on Google, and uh, the name of this program has a unique name. It's called Amazon Mechanical Turk, and I'm going to type it in, but I'm also going to leave a link in the description for you to check it out. First off, Amazon is a very trustworthy company, but an also in any of these methods you are going to have to enter in your social security number or you know, some sort of personal identifier, find information as well as your banking information. So don't be surprised when any of these opportunities ask for your banking information and your personal information because they need to verify that you are a real person in order to pay you money and make sure that there is no financial fraud or whatnot going on. Uh, Amazon Mechanical Turk, the way it works is that there are a bunch of tasks that, you know, I just signed up for this, and you see all these tasks here that you can accept and work for it tells you how much money you can make and you can accept and work. See, and it's a lot of stuff like why is this review negative?

Why is this review positive? A Market research survey, you know, identifying, you know, kitchen appliances and all this other sort of stuff. So it's really basic stuff. And from what I've heard from other people, you can earn roughly, you know, five to $10 per hour working on Amazon Mechanical Turk. So it's not too bad for some of the best jobs you need actually to qualify for them. So you need to take certain tests to, uh, to see, you know, you're, you know, if you're going to translate some French, you know, they need to check your literacy level. So you'll have to take tests to qualify for certain jobs. As you see, I'm only about a third of the jobs listed are things that I can actually do right now. In order to open up the rest of the jobs, I need actually to qualify for them. Now a little hack that you can do is you can go to Reddit, and you can go to the subreddit forum called hIts worth working for and hit mean human intelligence tasks. That's what Amazon calls them, and it will give you the most valuable tasks that day that you'll want to check out because there's thousands and thousands and thousands of jobs you can do on Amazon. But this subreddit forum, we'll walk you through some of the best tasks that are the most valuable you can do. Let's check a few out.

So here's one that is a behavioral survey, okay? It pays out about 15 cents, and it only takes about a minute, not too bad, If we do the math, if you're making 15 cents a minute, that's about $9 an hour, Here's another task. Evaluate a social media advertisement that pays out 41 cents. So that's another example of a task that you can do. Here's another task, opinions on an online product and it pays out 40 cents. So there's a ton of tasks on there, and as again, you can make five to $10 an hour, but it isn't going to be the best way to make huge money online. Very easy. It's free, it's effective.
Now the second way of making money online for fast, free and easy is, this is actually how I got my start in online business, as I started listing stuff that I had available on eBay. Just old stuff I had when I was in college, and I had a lot of DVDs, I had a lot of CDs, I had a lot of, uh, you know, I had video games, I'd, all sorts of stuff and I just started listing it on Ebay, and I'd make some money here and there. I made it, you know, and I started listing other people's stuff, and I made a couple hundred dollars a week.

So that was really good. And I actually made, I started making more from eBay than I was making at my job working at the movie theater. That's how I got started. I was making like I was in Dallas and I was making something like almost seven bucks an hour working at the movie theater. They have a lower minimum wage in Dallas or in Texas. And uh, yeah. And I started making, I think I was getting paid like a couple hundred, you know, like 200 bucks a month from, I mean 200 bucks a week from a theater. And I was making 300 400 bucks a week doing eBay, you know, selling stuff on eBay and you know, and I was working less selling stuff on eBay. So I said, oh my gosh, I'm going to start selling products on the Internet. You know, I'm just, this is my business.

I'm just going to be an entrepreneur. So that was really exciting. And it's not hard to list products on eBay. Let me show you how. So if you want to sell products on eBay, you want to scroll down to the bottom, and where it says sell, you just click start selling. There's a link that says start selling. So click start selling, and you enter in, you know, the name of the product you want to sell. So let's say I wanted to sell, you know, red hot chili peppers, CD, Chili, peppers CD, so that for a lot of stuff, they already have listings already made for you. You know, you see it says, Oh, you know, let's say the CD was Californication. I'd say, okay, Great. Well, so when like that, that's great. And I'll just say it was, they asked me the condition it was in and I select the condition and, um, you know, you have to create an account, I don't remember my eBay account, but the point being, it's not too complicated.
If you spend about 15 minutes per, per item, you know, you can have four items listed in, you know, the matter of an hour. So you know, this CD, you know, maybe I can sell it for five bucks, you know so I can make easily 20 bucks an hour if I spent, you know if it took me 15 minutes to list each CD. So that's not too bad. If I were to sell more expensive stuff like camera equipment, I could, I could make you way more money. So, and I'm sure all of us have a lot of stuff that we don't use anymore. So it's very easy to sell stuff that we don't use anymore and make real money off of it. There are people that will buy anything.

Now, the third way of, making money online for fat, you know, fast and free and easy is affiliate marketing. So affiliate marketing is selling other people's products and receiving a commission for it. It's just like commission only sales, or you know, if you're selling used cars or whatever, you know, you sell some something, you don't have to own it. You sell, you just sell something and companies will pay you a commission for it. Now I'm on Amazon right here as you see. And if I scroll down to the bottom, Amazon has a very popular affiliate program. So see it says, make money with us, right? Make money with us. It's cool, right? Let's make money with Amazon. Perfect idea, and there's a link that says become an affiliate. So you click that link, and you can actually make money recommending people to buy stuff on Amazon. So it's like super easy, right? Because everybody's already on Amazon. I buy stuff on Amazon almost every day. So people are just used to buying stuff on Amazon.

You can earn anywhere from like 3% to 10 commission on products. And so as you see on the screen, it says, you know, make up to 10% advertising, you know, from a trusted eCommerce leader, right. And, it says join, advertise and earn. Great. Okay, so very easy to do that. So let's find some products to sell. So once you sign up with this, and I'm not going to walk through the signup process because I don't want y'all stealing my personal information, but it's free. But you do have to enter in your, again like any of this stuff, you have to enter in your personal information, social security number, and your banking information. Anything that you do online, they want to verify a few things. One is they want to verify you are a real person and not a robot. And I'm not even joking.

Robots are doing some shit online. Nowadays. We're entering into an age where like artificial intelligence is real. I'm not going to go into that. That's a different story. And the second thing is they want to make sure that nobody's doing any money laundering or stuff like that. And the third thing is they need to know where to send the money. So don't be surprised. Again, these are reputable companies, Amazon and eBay, they been around for a while. So don't worry about entering in your public information on these people's websites because I understand that you know, for somebody who's like just getting started online, there might be like, oh, why can't I just talk to somebody on the phone, and get pay in check, you know, this is the Internet. So, it's a little more impersonal. Once you sign up for Amazon Associates, which is their affiliate program, you'll see this thing called site stripe.

See that right up there, and this is how you will get your links to recommend people go to Amazon. So let's look up a product and get our link. Now in my case, let's look up a book. I like a Neuro Mancer Neuro Mancer by William Gibson. This is a book I love, one of my favorite Scifi books of all time retails for 10 bucks it looks like, and what I'll do is I'm going to go to site stripe doing Click the get link area, you know, right click that link and I'm going to click copy, and once I have that link I can post it up places I can post on my social media, I can post it on my Facebook, I can post it up, and I will write a little bit about it and tell people to buy it. Now again, this is a free way to get started, but it does.

You know, you have to understand kind of a little bit about sales. It can't just post up a link and expect people to buy stuff, you know, so you have to do some job of, you know, telling a story or whatever, you know. So I might go to my Facebook, you know, I might write a little story about why this book was interesting to me. So let me write a story real quick and tell you about it. So for my Facebook post, some, uh, this affiliate program or this book, I wrote a little post, I said, as an entrepreneur, I'm always looking for what future trends are coming up because a lot of the people who, uh, I'm friends with on Facebook, almost everybody is an entrepreneur like me that just kind of my circles I surround myself in. And I said that's why I've gotten into science fiction books.

And they say, one of my favorite book Neuromancer, and I tell people to buy it. So I didn't ride much. We know some people might say, Ooh, that's really interesting, and they might buy it. Um, I, all I have to do is post it and, uh, you know, I might make a buck, 10% of $8 or whatever it is. So it might make 50 cents or a buck from recommending this book. So that's an effortless way. That's fast. It's easy, and it's free. I am convinced everybody knows how to tell stories. If you know how to tell stories, you can sell anything. So I believe everybody can do sales and marketing. Now, if you're looking to learn more about, about how you can sell or market products online, I suggest you subscribe to this channel. I come up with lots of videos showing just free information about how you can make money with an online business like this video. And if you're going to use one of these tactics, write it in the comments, write it in the comments, what the most helpful tactic that you're going to go out there and apply is in the comments. So it was great speaking to you today and hope you enjoy it.


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