How To Make A Commercial

Are you a teenager looking for creative ways to make money?

Rich people don’t learn from poor professors. And in this video, I’m going to be showing you my three step system for creating commercials or ads specifically for Youtube and Facebook.

So here in my ski shell lay, I’m going to show you my three steps to creating a commercial for youtube or Facebook advertising specifically. Sorry, I’m making fun of Tai Lopez. But seriously, here are the three steps that I do to create ads for Youtube. I spend hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars between Youtube and Facebook advertising my products and other people’s products and services and affiliate marketer. Now the three steps are simple. It’s HSE, and I’m going to be going through each of these.

So first you want a hook, okay? That’s the first thing. A Hook or what’s also known as a pattern interrupt. Now, when I started this video, what I said was rich people don’t learn from poor professors. That’s kind of like, I don’t know, it’s kind of like a new statement. And one of my other ads, I said, Jesus won’t teach you how to be rich, and you want to basically tie together two different things that don’t normally go together to create a good hook.

That’s a pattern interrupt. It’s like, what, you know, one thing I said to one of my friends, which like just caught his attention , when I was talking about my experience at Burningham, and I said, “Oh yeah, you know, I went out one night, and I could taste all the lights, and I was looking at this red light in it. It tasted like a strawberry.” And he’s like, what you can’t taste lights? And uh, you know, but that’s like, that’s like catches people’s attention. Or another one would be, you know, why don’t models date poor guys, in that case, it’s something that you don’t normally hear said because that violates social to booze to say something like that. Or I could say, you know, like, let me tell you how this beer made me a millionaire and no, I don’t own this beer. And you know, I could turn that into a story about, you know, how it was at a bar and I met my mentor getting me started in affiliate marketing and online business and all that stuff.

So a hook is just something that is very different from the norm. Okay. And you can use hooks for anything no matter what you’re selling. I used a couple of different examples, but tie together things that don’t normally go together. I was Buringham, and I was literally tasting colors, and you know, it’s like what, you know, where do things go from there? I think the best hooks actually sort of having to do something with the subjects you’re talking about it. As I said, Jesus won’t make you rich. Right. I’m talking about money. Like that ad is meant to sell a training program of mine, which if you want to learn more about, there’s a link in the description or you could subscribe my channel. But you know, a training program of mine that actually teaches people how to make money online. But most people don’t tie together like religion and making money, or they don’t say, Jesus, you know, it’s like, oh, don’t use that name.

You know, like, so that gets people’s attention. The second thing is you want to have a good story. Everything marketing, all marketing is all sales are, it’s storytelling, it’s good directed storytelling that should overcome objections while you’re telling the story and display the benefits of the product you’re selling. Now the way I like to tell stories is you can’t just dive in a long story, don’t you hate it when you’re talking to somebody, you say, oh your dog got sick, what happened? And they launched into like this 10-minute story, and you’re just like, Bro, I didn’t want that much detail.

Right you know, it’s like, oh, okay. Like you told me your dog was sick, give me like two more sentences. And you’re like, well, you know, I thought he’d really liked this garlic chicken I got from Zane Ku chicken, you know, the Mediterranean chicken place and I guess dogs can’t eat garlic. So he just diarrhea it all over my kitchen. You’re like, Haha, like they’ve got a little more detail. That’s all I want to know. I don’t want the 10-minute version. I just wanted you know, the 30 seconds longer version.

Now after those two sentences, if they were to say you diarrhea it all over the kitchen, really like what? What’d you do next? They’re giving you permission to go into a little bit of a longer story, right? I’m going to spare you the detail about what happened my dog. But the point is they give you permission to go into a longer detail. So you told him one sentence, work into my formula, told them two sentences, told him four sentences, and then what I like to do, let’s say I tell the four sentence story, what you can do with a story. Let’s say that’s about it, right.

We’re talking for a good youtube or Facebook commercial. What’s you’re talking about is you’re talking about two to three minutes, okay? Now on youtube, you can go longer. You can go like 10 minutes. I say longer the better, but two to three minutes is a good baseline okay. Don’t do it shorter, you’re leaving money on the table.

And I’ll make up a story here, but basically, my formula tells them the story in one sentence. Then tell them the story in two sentences. Then tell them the story in four sentences. Summarize the story in two sentences and then summarize the story in one sentence. With a call to action. And with both of these, you have what I call a CTA. Meaning you’re telling them what you want them to do. So let’s make up a story here. Okay, let’s make up an ad. Let’s make up a story for selling you this marker.

So I had the hardest time finding markers to do my training presentations on, but I came across this Magnum sharpie I didn’t know existed. And it has made people so much happier with my training presentations it’s awesome. Told you a story in one sentence.

Let’s go into the story in two sentences. So before the problem that I had was that I was using these boards and I would be using this little marker, you know, those little itsy bitsy markers you could like barely see their like little these little lines, and you could barely see anything. And I was going through all this time of like drawing diagrams, and then I would post the video on youtube and people would be like, John, I can’t see what you’re writing. So I did all this searching and googling, and I went to different office stores, and I found they actually sell this rare brand of sharpies really hard to find called Magnums. And there are these huge monster thing. I call them man markers, and you can write big, and people can understand them. Told the story in two sentences.

Now if I were to go further, I would tell the story in four sentences. So, you know, when I was writing small, it was hard for people to understand and I felt like my markers were holding back me conveying information to my audience to help train them in something that’s very important, which is making, learning how to start their internet business. When I started using these big markers, it completely changed around how I was able to teach, and it allowed people actually to get the information I was trying to convey. Since then, I’ve been able to get a success story after success story. I have more subscribers on my youtube channel than ever, and it’s growing by hundreds a day. And not only that, but I’m also seeing success stories coming from my students saying I was able to learn. The fact that I’m able to learn for free from mentors like you in such an easy to understand ways changed my life forever. Thank you, John. And that brightens up my day, told it in four sentences.

Now summarize in two sentences. So if you want to learn not only how you can use a better marker, but if you want to learn how to train better, I suggest you subscribe to my channel and check out the videos. Then I’ll summarize in one sentence, subscribe to my channel, and you’ll get easier to understand diagrams and information and training on how to start your online business. So I just told a big story there, sorry for the long-winded but that was 10 sentences. Okay. That would be a two to three-minute ad if I were to chuck that down.

You can follow the same format to tell any story. Use the hook and tell a story like that and you can convey a message with a strong call to action. That makes sense. One, two, four, two, one. Now what I do if I want to make it longer is I will actually do one, two, four, 16 four two one and I’ll just do a much longer story. I kind of ramp it up in between, but I hope that makes sense.

Let’s get down to the last thing. The last thing of doing a good commercial is editing. This is, I don’t know how to do this stuff, but I pay people to do it now for youtube. Youtube ads are driven, and TV ads as well are driven by visuals. Five filmed myself, and I did this hook. I would take that video and what I would do for Youtube is I would splice some B roll into it. I’d splice some B roll of me using markers and creating stuff, and I’d splice some B roll of like, you know, a closeup of the marker and a pen around. I do whatever. I’d add in some B roll of some cool stuff.

The visuals are what drives youtube users because they’re watching the ad and they’re listening. They’re hearing your language while you’re talking of through the ad, but they want to be visually engaged as well. The way Facebook ads need to be edited. Again, you’re working with a square. That’s what shows up on Facebook. It’s square. It’s not that rectangle which shows up on youtube. You’re watching a rectangle right now, but on Facebook, if you’re doing an ad for Facebook, it’s driven by not so much the visuals, but you need to be throwing words in peoples’ faces. Most people, 84% of people are watching Facebook ads without any audio on.

They’re kind of sitting there, and they’re looking at, they’re an ad, maybe they see the video, and they’re kind of saying, ah, I don’t want to click the button because if I clicked the button for sound and I’m like invested in the ad. Most people use Facebook, like when they’re doing other things. Most people are not listening to your ad. That’s why you need words flying in people’s faces. You need to show people, you know why a marker changed my life, you know? Or something like that. That will get people’s attention on Facebook. Here’s my story. And then it’s like the marker. People want those words flying in their face because they don’t want to actually have to listen on Facebook to what the video is saying. So that’s how you edit an ad for Facebook and youtube.

Oh! That is good information. That stuff. I haven’t told anybody yet. And this is a whole new world, this video advertising stuff. Now, if you’ve got something from this, give me a big like and put a comment in there and let me know what the most useful was. Was it learning about the hook? And the pattern interrupt was learning about the story. What does it learning about the editing? This is new stuff. Nobody’s talking about this, and I hope you’re getting a ton of value from this because if you are scribe my channel, hit that bell so you can see what new videos I come out with. I’m always coming out with new videos on a daily basis about how you can create an online business and make money doing so. So I look forward to seeing you in my next video.

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