How To Get Clients For Social Media Agency

Ever Wonder How To Get Clients For Social Media Agency? John Crestani gives you an in depth tutorial of how to get started today.

There's a lot of people talking about starting your own social media marketing agency is a great way to make money, but in this video, I'm going to show you how you can get clients for your social media agency and how you can grow your business that way.

So the first step in getting clients for your social media agency is first identifying who your clients are and where they hang out. Whether you're looking to post for people organically on Facebook or post for people on Facebook ads or manage people's snapchats, whatever it is, start with an idea in mind of who you want your clients to be. Do you want them paying you $5,000 a month? Do you want them paying you $500 a month? Do you want them paying you $50,000 a month? Now, most of you watching this video right now would not be comfortable getting clients at $50,000 a month. Most of you wouldn't even know what to do with $50,000 a month. Most of you would change your habits and be a different person. If you got $50,000 a month. But my point is you need to know what you want and you need to know what clients you need to go after to make that happen.

So for instance, some good places to start are, I like to think of things in terms of conferences. Now if you want to be doing social media for YouTubers, let's say I'm looking for a person right now to manage my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin accounts and youtube like posting just to post the free content up. I'm looking for somebody to do that. Let's say you wanted to work with Youtubers. Where might you go? Go to VidCon if there is a conference about it, that's a great place to be. If you want to work with big sales based organizations, let's say you come from a sales-based organization, go to Dreamcon. Dreamcon is the Convention for people that companies that use Salesforce. Salesforce is a big CRM that sales companies use. Another example is funnel hacking. If you like doing funnels and marketing and all that sort of stuff, you could go, you could have gone where me and Nate just where, which is called Funnel Hacking Live and it was 5,000 people at a conference.

Learning to how to sell more things online, identify where the people you're hanging out at. For instance, I met one company who's running a social media agency at funnel hacking live. They paid $3,000 for a booth in the networking area. They just got a little, you know, booth about this big and they were telling people information about their company and they paid $3,000 and they had 38 people express interest in their $5,000 package. If they get one person, that's a good return on investment. If they get two people, they've tripled the investment that they put into things. If they close two of those 38 people that they met at the conference, now if they get more than $5000 from those customers, they can make even more money. But the point being nowhere your people are, know exactly where they hang out.

Don't just say they hang out on Google. Don't just say they hang out on Facebook. Know what they're looking for. Know what they're interested in. Know where they're hanging. No, no. Everything about them. Know what magazines they read. The best place I suggest is, I think conventions are great places or conferences, but niche conferences, niche conventions are a great place to find clients.

The second thing you need to do is outreach. Now reaching out to people is an activity that is so important. Obviously, it's going to be the foundation of anything you do in any business. If you're selling anything for me, I'm constantly outreaching to people by creating ad campaigns.

I'm an affiliate marketer, by the way. If you want to learn more about what I do now, I used to run an ad agency. I've, I'm an affiliate marketer now you can find, I'll have my assistant post the link somewhere up here to get my free course on affiliate marketing. Or You could just subscribe to my channel.

But if you want to outreach to people, you have to, you know, you have to message them where they are and you can go on and you can send out proposals. What I did when I started my ad agency is I put out, sent out 20 proposals every day. I sent out a proposal to a company that was interested in ad management. Didn't matter if I was sick. It didn't matter if my girlfriend wants to hang out. It didn't matter if my dog needed to go for a walk and I would, you know how to meet up with a buddy for his birthday party. It didn't matter. I sent out 20 a day and I did it in the morning because that's how you get more clients.

I did outreach, but again, it depends on who you want to work with. Let's say you want to work with celebrities to reach celebrities to manage their social media would not be Upwork. Celebrities aren't on Upwork. Is it on email? Celebrities don't check their email that often that they get a million emails. Would it be Facebook? No, they have a million fans hitting them up on Facebook. The best place to message a celebrity or an influencer would it be on like Instagram or something? Send them a direct message, like some of their photos first or hearts, some of their things, comment on some of their photos and then you know, send them a message one day and be like, you know, that would be a much more effective place to get in touch with a, let's say an influencer for instance.

But let's say you wanted to do social media management for affiliate marketers or for digital marketers. Probably the best place to hit up most of us would be on Skype. We're all using Skype. You just Google my name on Skype and you'll find me immediately. A lot of marketers are using Skype and they're using it for business. Again, celebrities are using Instagram for business. It's a good place to communicate business opportunities to them. They're not using email as much to communicate business opportunities. Even if you got ahold of a celebrity text or phone number, they're not doing business all the time on maybe text, or maybe that might jar them too much. The point is doing outreach to people where it matters where they're doing business. I'm doing business on Skype. A lot of influencers are doing business on, on Instagram. Hey saw you at Soho House in West Hollywood in Weho you still there, let's meet up whatever, stuff like that.

The next step is you want to measure everything. If you are not measuring how many people you reach out to, how many potential clients you are reaching out to each day, you're dumb. Okay, you have to measure. If you are running a serious business, you need to measure how many people you're reaching out to each day because to grow a business with multiple employees and whatever you need to be seen. How many people do you reach out to? Maybe if it's not each day, if it's each week or if it's not each week. Let's say we're working with larger clients that are more long term. Maybe it's each month, but have some sort of measurement of how many people you are reaching out to each day, week or month.

In my case, I said I was sending out 20 proposals per day. I was always reaching out to 20 people per day. When I was running ad campaigns, I made sure I posted up five ad campaigns a week. When I started growing my affiliate program for my products, I made sure I was reaching out to 25 people a day. Numbers don't change that much, but I make sure I do stuff consistently until I'm hitting the numbers in my business to where I want to be at. Keep a spreadsheet, keep a Google doc, keep it on your phone, keep it on your computer. It's the same. You'll get that consistency and you do it in the morning and you will eventually get clients. One caveat to all of this here is I'm not going to teach you how to do sales right now. Sales are communication or however you communicate with people to close a deal.

I don't have enough time to teach you sales and negotiation and all that jazz. A lot of that has to do with confidence, with knowing that you have something of value to offer people with all these different things. And that's a whole other topic. If you want me to talk more about that topic, write it in the comments and maybe I'll, maybe I'll do a video on how to do sales or negotiations sometimes. I don't like sales and negotiation. That's why I do marketing. You know, I'm behind the curtain. I never actually have to interact with people. That being said, I've been running my own business. I have to do sales sometimes. And I would say a lot of it has to do with confidence, frankly, that you're offering value to the world.

The last ‘O' stands for outsourcing to get clients. What's going to happen and what happened to me in my ad agency, the more clients I got, because I did these things, identified who my clients were identified, where they hung out, I hung around them. I did outreach them 20 a day, 20 a day, 20 a day. I measured everything. I measure how effective my messages were, my price points were everything that I did I measured how effective it was and I optimized it over time. What happens is you get better at this, great things happen. You'll start getting more clients and you'll start getting more business and you'll start getting more business than you can handle. Great deal, right? Let's say you're like most people where you have a number that you want to be in life. Let's say that number is $10,000 a month. There will be some days where you'll get months above that.

You'll be being paid $15,000 a month and you'll think, wow, it's great. I've all these clients that pay me monthly, I'm going to give extra, I'm going to get better gifts for everybody for Christmas. I'm going to treat my family to a vacation. I'm going to buy a car that's $100 more a month than I thought I should spend. What will happen is you'll stop doing as much outreach. What's the first thing that goes? You say I'm making $15,000 a month. Why do I need to identify who my people are? Why do I need to do outreach anymore? I already have all the money, all the business that I want. I got stuck in this trap too, right? So you stopped doing those things. You stop measuring and slowly but surely clients start to leave. You know, ebbs and flows in the economy.

Things happen. Companies go out of business and you're stuck having to go start from scratch again. That sucks. What you want to do is when you're doing that 15,000 a month, start taking that extra money. You're making an outsource some of the Labor or hire people, you can hire people. There are so many people out there that want jobs and what's great is we, America is the job creator for the entire rest of the world. We create jobs not only in America but in the entire rest of the world. It's one of our gifts to the world. It's part of our destiny. So we create more jobs. You can outsource it or, hire it out to people you can keep growing your business because if you get away from getting clients, your business will start failing and stop making as much money.

So reinvest in your business. Take that extra 5,000 a month you're making and just put it back into your business. Then get up to 20,000 a month. Put that 10,000 a month back in your business. And before you know it, you'll be doing $50,000 a month or more. I'm doing pretty big numbers in my business now and I can't even invest all of it back into my business even if I wanted to at this point, cause I just don't have the time to find the places to put it. So that's how you get clients. That is speaking from experience. I started my own Ad Agency when I was 24 years old. I worked for an ad agency, but within a few months of starting my own agency Ad Agency, I got up to $50,000 a month and for the next year or two I guess I ebbed and flowed between $25000 to $50,000 a month.

For about two years. I was in between these two points. I just went up and down, up and down in this cycle, right? I'd get more clients than I knew what to do with it. Then I stopped doing outreach and I'd lose him. I was able to break that pattern. I broke that pattern by getting into a business called affiliate marketing just because I liked marketing. It's not for everyone, but, I'm actually an introvert by nature sometimes. But the point being, I hope this was helpful for you.

so please leave a comment and let me know what you enjoyed the most. What was it, identification or outreach or measurement or outsourcing that mattered the most to you? I'd really like to know because I mean, this is actually a really personal subject for me. This was my, my story. This is how I got started in the social media agencies and also liked this video. If you got value, and if you want to learn more about what I do and see more videos of mine, all these exciting ways to make money online, subscribe and hit that notification bell do it right now, look forward to seeing you in the future.

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