How Google Ads Work

Have you wondered How Google Ads Work? Google Ads expert explains

Are you ready to see how Google ads work? Woo. The crowd goes wild. Well, I actually find Google ads really exciting and I've been managing Google ads since 2009. And this video I'm going to walk you through the three types of Google ads search, display, and video. And I'll be showing you on my computer exactly how they work within Google ads. And at the end of this video, I'll actually be showing you how you can get a free course free eight-hour course on Google advertising. If you want to go more in depth into it, let's get it

So first off, let's start with the three different types of ads you can place on Google. You have search ads which show up on Google search. You have display ads which show up on other sites on the Internet, and then you have video ads which show up on youtube. I'm going to go over each of these different ads on my computer right here and I'll even be showing you examples of some ads that I've placed that have worked really well for me over the years. Here we are and we're just going to search for, I'm fat, how do I lose weight? And here we go. We see first thing here is an ad, right? So this is the first type of Google ads, Google search ad. And generally speaking, you target these through keywords and I'll be going into ad words and showing you how you actually set these up in a second.

The second type of ad is display ads and display ads. Show up on other websites. Here's a site for the 11 best diapers to buy in 2019, news sites or blogs or whatever. And you'll see this right here is an ad and you see it says advertisement right here and you can click this little thing and it will talk to you about those ads right here. And you can also see ads that show up on the right-hand side here. So you have an ad, you have another ad, you have another ad, you have ads all over the place. They're everywhere, that's how lots of sites make money is they show ads in this site's case, they are also making money through affiliate marketing. So all of these links here, you see link, link, link, link, link, and you see a buy on Amazon.

This person is a member of Amazon's affiliate program. That's what I do for a living. I do affiliate marketing. If you want to learn more about that, I'm going to have my Filipino or Filipino assistant put up a link to my free course on affiliate marketing somewhere up here. Or you can subscribe to my channel and see more information about that.

And then the third type of ad is on Youtube. So I just searched for lose weight fast. And you see you would get an ad right here which says my son lost 100 ponds six months an amazing and inspiring transformation, a proud and driven mom. She takes a chance on a book found on Amazon, right. And this is a video ad and you can place this through, youtube ads, which is youtube is a part of Google if you weren't aware.

So let's go over to Google and here we are in Google, Google Ads. If you haven't signed up for it, you just search Google ads. I'm assuming you're familiar with Google Ads. It used to be called Ad words, but since I think they do video and all this other stuff now they changed it. And how we would set up a campaign is the first step is we would go over to this campaign section right here and we would select that. Then we would select this plus button right here and we simply say select new campaign. Now they give you a lot of selections and Google ads. The interface changes like literally on a weekly basis. It's kind of overwhelming and it's kind of nutty. I've been doing advertising on Google since 2009, so I've seen a lot of changes and it's frustrating that it keeps changing, but it's something you kinda got a role with.

Now, these selections may change or their names may change. But what I actually liked the most is this, just create a campaign without goals, guidance, because these selections kind of limit the features that you're able to use and sometimes it makes your ads unprofitable. So don't do that. Now it'll give you some more selections and this is where you really define what sort of ads you set up. Now what I'm going to do for the case of, for the purposes of this video is I'm just going to set up a search ad.

Now if you'd like to see me set up other types of ads such as display shopping video or app-based ads, let me know in the comments and I can do, if somebody's comment about one of these gets a ton of likes, I will do a video on that.

But for now, I'm just going to focus on one. Otherwise, we would be here for like hours cause there's, it's a really in-depth program. So here we say what results do we want from the campaign? And if you are a local business, phone calls is actually a great option. Or if you don't have a website, highly suggest you do phone calls. You can advertise on Google without a website. And I don't think people understand that. I have a lot of friends who just have local businesses and they just want phone calls. So you can do that very easily and only have to do is enter your phone number. You don't even need a website. But for our purposes and for most people advertising on the Internet, they want website visits. Okay. So we're going to select that and I'm just going to type in my website, which is

Okay. You can click continue. I'm just going to title this search Demo. Doesn't really matter what you name your campaign. One thing that Google does that's a little bit sneaky. As I said, I want it to set up a search ad. It also gives me options to, it's already pre-checked for the search network and the display network. Now you could thumb over these icons and figure out what the display network is, but check this out. 2 million websites, videos, and apps. The display network is a whole other can of worms and requires a whole different type of targeting, a whole different type of ad, a whole different type of landing page or funnel experience. Typically if you're doing a search ad in like 99.999% of cases you're just going to throw away money. If you have display network added. I've never actually seen it work. Where display network is active on an ad.

The other thing I would throw off in most cases is the search network. Sometimes I tested out for beginner advertisers, you don't want to advertise on the search network because what the search network is it includes other sites that are not where it's going to advertise on such as as an example. But there are many other sites and Google doesn't tell you what those sites are, but just a lot of other sites use Google's ads. It's a good way to waste a lot of money. So you want to uncheck those. If you care about not losing money on your advertising, if you're a big corporate company, might not, you have budgets so it might not matter that much. We don't need to worry about dynamic search ads. In our case, we're just going to leave. The United States checked. Locations can enter in more locations. We have English and we have our budget.

Now, generally speaking, you can just say, oh, I want to spend $100 a day. I wouldn't recommend spending anything less than $20 a day for going on Google because you won't get much traffic. There are millions of people advertising on Google and it's hard to get Google's kind of algorithm. The way the Google machine thinks to serve ads they're looking over all of their millions of people who are advertising. And if your budget is set at $20, it's just, it doesn't work as well. If it's below $20. So we'll just set $20. Now what we can focus on, focus on forbidding, what I actually recommend. They have an option to optimize based on conversions.

What I actually recommend when you're starting is clicks. Okay, once again, Google can overspend. If you're doing conversions, this can be a good way to waste a lot of money if you're doing that. So I would, start here and move on to conversions if you're more advanced and if you can test against your campaign. Now, I don't, I don't necessarily recommend doing a CPC bid when you start or I don't recommend and these are all additional things, so don't worry about all this stuff. Then we just click save and continue.

Okay now, you see up into the top, it has the different flow of what we'll do. So we'll set up our campaign settings, which is our budget. Then we're going to set up our ad group. Then we're going to create our ads. And then it just kind of says thank you.

So here we have our ad group and I'm just going to say Youtube Demo and you paste in the keywords that you want to target. Now in my case, I'm teaching people how to do affiliate marketing. That website,, teaches people how to do affiliate marketing. So I was targeting that. I would want to target keywords such as; how to do affiliate marketing. I would do that. Or You could enter an idea and you could say get keywords ideas to say how to make extra money and I could just do plus, how to make extra money from home, how to make extra money online. So those could be my keywords and then I would say, okay, cool. That sounds good. Generally speaking, an ad group should have somewhere between 5 to 15 keywords.

Okay. That's a good mix of keywords. Now my actual, now that's a general rule of thumb. My style is, I would actually use the keyword planner, which is a little beyond this, but let's say I find I do it this way. So I would do three different types of matches. This is what I call the simplest ad group possible. I would type in affiliate marketing, sorry, I would do modified broad match, which is using, plus this is a bit of an advanced tactic. Don't worry about this if you don't understand it. I would do phrase match affiliate marketing and I would do exact match and that would be my keyword group. And I would optimize from there. I'm not going to explain my optimization process. I'm going to give you a free course at the end, which we'll explain in a much longer way how to do all of this advanced stuff.

But then I click save and continue. And then you create your ads and you'd type in whatever it is your website URL. I'd say want to earn money at home, like working in your pajamas, go to my site. That would be my ad. And it gives you a preview of how it shows up. So that's how to do Google ads. And then we just submit the ad and all that jazz. Not going to go in depth into that, but hopefully, that gives you an explanation of how to do Google advertising on the basics. So if you want to learn more about how to do Google advertising, I suggest you subscribe to my channel and you will get both a free course on affiliate marketing, which is what I do for a living.

But you'll also get this, this playlist right here, right under free training, marketing training and mini-courses. You can go over here, right over here, which says free AdWords PPC training. Okay. And this is a pretty long playlist of videos that shows you how to do. It's an introduction to ad words. It's the account structure, which has all the same. I show you targeting three different targeting videos. I'm going to show you how to write ads that sell. I'm going to show you remarketing optimization, landing pages, what landing pages work best, a little bit about affiliate marketing, and you'll also get how to do Youtube, advertising on youtube.

So hopefully that helps this information. I shot a couple of years ago, but it's still relevant and we're still using it in my business to this day. So hope that helps. Make sure you like this video if you got some value from it. Comment below if you have any questions or requests for future videos. Looking forward to seeing you some time in my next video.

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