Doing Business On The Internet Opportunities And Pitfalls

Doing Business On The Internet: Opportunities And Pitfalls


Should you even start an internet business? Now there's a lot of positives to starting an internet business, but there's also a lot of pitfalls and negatives of starting an internet business. And I'm going to go over the pros and the cons of starting an internet business in this video, and I'm going to show you proof on my computer

so starting an internet business is something millions of people all over the world want to do. I don't ever hear people talking about what are the negatives of starting an internet business as well because for all the positives out there, there are real negatives and if you're looking to get into this business or industry should be aware of them. I'm going to go over here check out my whiteboard. And the pros I think are obvious if you're watching this video, probably already aware of some of them.

One is time and location freedom are huge positives of running an internet based business. You can work whenever you want, and you can work wherever in the world you want. Now maybe you want to be a Digital Nomad and travel the world. And experience all these things. Or maybe you want to be able to just wake up whenever and take a week off, take a month off, take a long time off and have that freedom to just be a person and be free internet businesses.

100% allowed to do that. You can't do this in other businesses. You know, whether that's an MLM, whether that stock trading, whether that's real estate, whether that's freelancing or coaching, whatever that is. You don't have that sort of freedom that Internet businesses allow you to have it's amazing. Another huge positive is you have immediate and you have very large profit potential. You can make billions as an internet business owner. Basically, the world is yours, however much money you want to make you can make it on the Internet.

So you might be asking yourself, okay, what are the negatives? You know, like you have ultimate freedom, you have all the money you want. How can there be any negatives? There are, let me discuss some of the negatives right here. The first negative is probably something, it's, it's sorta derived right from this. It's a big one you're probably aware of, starting an internet business is unbelievably competitive. You're competing against people all over the world to get it. People want that freedom. People want that profit and people out there oftentimes they may be willing to work harder than you. So if you're not a hard worker, if you are not going to invest in learning, if you are not going to be willing to try and fail, if you're not going to be willing to learn new skills, it's going to be hard for you to compete against all of the other people out there that are willing to make it the dream.

We have the dream right here that everybody wants. It's going to be competitive to get it, but you can get it. But you have to realize it's competitive and being lazy, taking days off, making excuses, getting into your emotions, getting angry or blaming other people for your failures is not going to work out. I mean, I'm not gonna use harsh language here you can't be a pussy and start an internet business. It's a competitive space.

Also, another thing about Internet businesses is for unskilled labor pays nothing. No skills you get nothing. I'm going to show you how little amount of money you can make if you don't have any skills. So here we are. I just searched Amazon Mechanical Turk, and this is a marketplace where you can get jobs that don't pay you really anything. It's for people who are completely unskilled labor. Now, I just clicked on Amazon Mechanical Turk, and this is a whole marketplace of jobs that require no skills. So here I am and here's my worker Id. Again, you're just a number online and I'm looking at a group of 900 jobs. Now here's a job I can accept called verifying object boundaries. Takes no skills for being a human.

It doesn't pay a lot of money to be an unskilled human. Look how much money you can make, 12 cents to do this job. Now let's look at what this is. Now, what this job is, it can take up to, it says up to 60 minutes and you'll get 12 cents for the task. That's crazy. And what you're doing is you're verifying objects. So let's look at here. There's a horse, right? So you will be basically drawing align around a horse for your jobs. And I'm doing it right here and that's your job. And for 60 minutes you don't get paid much. You get paid like 12 cents. It's incredible how little you can get paid if you're not willing to learn more. So just having basic skills on the internet doesn't pay a lot of money. I mean, the highest I've heard is you can make, uh, maybe a couple of bucks an hour, five bucks at the Max, but you have to know where to find those jobs.

It's very hard to get paid $5 an hour for just basic human tasks. Robots, computers are taking over basic human tasks, jobs that are involved with the computer. So you need to have some sort of skill or you need to have some marketing or sales skills or whatever if you want to make it on the Internet. Again, if you, if your aspirations in life or to use basic human task, please unsubscribe from my channel and get off. I really only want people subscribing to me that I want to add value to the world. So forget about Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Let's look at the next thing. The other negative of starting an online business, you basically get no mentorship. Okay, now you have me, thankfully, you know I'm telling you about how you can start a business and I have a lot of videos on this channel which show you a step by step way of how you can start a business. Fortunately for you, most people aren't going to be willing to do any work based on what I'm showing you. So the law is, you know, maybe one in every thousand people who watch this video will ever actually put stuff into action. So you that law of numbers on your side. But again, you don't have somebody, I'm not going to go over to you and be like, Hey, let me look at what you're doing on the computer Little Buddy. And like, let me show you what you're doing wrong and why you're not making millions of dollars like I am. I'm not going to be that person and you're not going to find that from other YouTubers. Now you can interact with us in the comments and stuff like that, but if you're looking for that sort of hands-on mentor, that's really going to guide you, that's, that's going to call you on your shit.

When you know, let's say you were lazy, are you letting you know a girlfriend or a boyfriend? Take advantage of your time and get rid of your, your dreams or aspirations at work. A boss might call you on your shit. A boss might say, Hey, you're going to have to decide what you want because you can't go through life half-assing. You're not going to get people to call you on your shit. That's what a mentor is for and you're not going to get that on the Internet. You need to have all of your motivation, all your drive has to come within your self. Frankly, that's the biggest reason why most people aren't entrepreneurs is that they can't call themselves on their own shit and they let life and circumstances and things and sicknesses and whatever get in their way to actually pursue the dream here.

So those are the pros and cons of starting an internet business. Now, if you want to learn more about how to be an affiliate marketer or go into e-commerce make sure you subscribe to my channel and you will see my free course on how to be an affiliate marketer and start earning commissions online. Now, if you enjoy this video, make sure to subscribe and like, and comment, please let me know. Did you learn anything from this video? Did this bring up any new ideas in your head? I'd love to hear because I hear so many people talking about the pros, but not the negatives. And I look forward to seeing you on my next video. I talk a lot about how you can start your own Internet business and I hope it helps you.

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