Does Amazon Affiliate Marketing Work?

Does Amazon Affiliate Marketing Work? Who better to ask than Affiliate marketing master, John Crestani.

Does Amazon affiliate marketing work? I am going to answer that question in this video and I'm going to show you what does work and I'll be showing you a few examples of products you can sell and make insane commissions using Amazon affiliate marketing. Let's get it

Amazon affiliate marketing is the biggest affiliate network out there. It's also one of the ones that offer the lowest commissions. Now, I personally advise people get started with affiliate marketing on Amazon just to understand how it works, but you might be wondering, does it actually work to make you a lot of money? Most cases, no. Okay, and I'm going to go over what does not work in Amazon affiliate marketing, but it does work and there are people earning full time, substantial millions of dollars a year income from Amazon. And I'll explain to you what that is. I'll also be showing you some examples on my computer of what you can do to make Amazon work. So first of all, what doesn't work? Selling books, you're going to make most products on Amazon. You earn 3% to 5% commission on. That's not a lot of money. You're not going to be a millionaire selling books and earning 30 to 50 cents on, so no category goes books.

Almost everything under a thousand dollars actually is not a good choice for selling as an affiliate on Amazon. So what does work well, basically anything over $1,000 and I'll be showing you examples of these here, so things that work over $1,000 or things such as cameras, drones, VR gear, virtual reality gear, generators, high end vacuum cleaners, and all sorts of other very expensive products that you can't really find in any other affiliate network.

Now let's go on my computer and I'll show you some examples of the products that you can sell on Amazon as an affiliate and make a lot of money. Okay, so here I am on Amazon, and if we search for stuff like Nikon Camera, we'll see there are all sorts of products here. It's $649 that means if you earn even 5% commission, you're earning 30 some bucks on this camera equipment.

Now, if any of you are familiar with the mega youtuber Casey Neistat, the way Casey Neistat made most of his first money when he was youtube being was actually through affiliate marketing for cameras on Amazon. He put all of the links to his recommended camera equipment, his drones, his tripod, his gorilla arms stuff, all that stuff, all of his lenses as affiliate links on his youtube channel. And that's how I made a lot of money because when he began, the reason we're following Casey Neistat was that he was amazing at videography. The videos that he does are still does are absolutely beautiful and he's really good with his equipment and editing and all that stuff. So that's why people followed him in the beginning and that's how he made money. Other things you can sell from high ticket items on Amazon include stuff like vacuum cleaners.

If we look at vacuum cleaners, I mean this is hundreds of dollars, but you can find vacuum cleaners for thousands of dollars. And let me show you an example. If we look at best vacuum cleaners, which I just did a search of here, we'll see there are top five vacuums. The first result is an ad top five vacuums of 2019 vacuum buyer's guide, best reviews, and it takes us to this site and we see there's a Dyson Vacuum, a Hoover Vacuum, a Shark Vacuum, and all of these you can't purchase on now these are all affiliate links and what this company is doing is they are buying ad space. Maybe they're spending about a buck and they're hoping that if you're looking for the best vacuum cleaner, you'll buy one of these and they'll make let's say 30 bucks because you bought a vacuum cleaner through them and they made their affiliate commissions, so they spend a buck to make 30 great idea.

The one other instance where Amazon affiliate marketing works are when you have insanely high volume, it can be of cheap items, but let me do a search here in Google for best baby diapers for a newborn girl, a very reasonable search. Probably many people do every day. Now here we get 11 best diapers of 2019 now this is just an average blog, right? They don't actually sell anything. They're not going to profit from you. It's just mom helping a mom, right? Well, maybe, maybe not. If we go to this site, the first thing we see is our editors, independent, blah, blah, blah, blah. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links, and if we see here, there are 11 links from Amazon, and guess what? Every link has, it has their affiliate id. Right there on every one of these links is their affiliate id and what we can see is their affiliate id is very well family dash 20 that's their affiliate id.

Amazon affiliate marketing, in summary, Works in two cases. Either you are selling extremely expensive products that are generally speaking over a thousand dollars or at least over a couple hundred or in cases where you're doing massive volume, you have millions of mothers looking on Google for the best baby diapers, and in this case, this person has just hundreds of links to Amazon on her site with all of the best baby stuff. Look, Amazon Link, Amazon link we have Walmart affiliate link. Okay, so this person is using a combination of Amazon and Walmart affiliate links so you have a crazy volume or you're doing selling stuff with crazy prices. Those are the cases where it works. Hope this was helpful.

I hope you learned something from this video on whether Amazon affiliate marketing works, if you are looking for more profitable affiliate programs to join and be a part of, I suggest you subscribe to my channel and hit that notification icon and when you subscribe. You'll be given instant access to a free affiliate marketing course on Youtube, totally free. That'll tell you more about what I do and how affiliate marketing works. Also, I suggest you like it; this video, if you got some value from it and leave a comment of what you'd like to see me talk about next in my next video. See you later.


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