Top-Selling High-Ticket Evergreen Bizopp Product on Clickbank
15%+ CRs on live promos. $10+ EPCs as a backend offer. Converting on cold fb traffic.
The Super Affiliate System is the fastest growing high-ticket bizopp product. Over 60 affiliates are generating sales from email lists, JV promos, Facebook ads traffic, Youtube ads traffic, SEO review blogs, and Google PPC. All stats, and promotional methods are below!
Here are some of our stats:
  • JV Commissions: $460 Per Sale
  • Average Webinar Conversion Rate: 16.5%
  •  Average Attendee Value: $132
  •  Automated Payouts By Clickbank
  •  Payouts Weekly Net 3
  •  Works for Practically ANY List Type. We been running this webinar on very broadly targeted Bizopp traffic, from Kindle lists, to general IM.
  •  Highest Converting Webinar in Recent History. There has been a glut in new, high-converting webinars. This changes that.
  •  60+ Video Testimonials From Happy Customers
  •  HUNDREDS of written testimonials from happy customers
  •  Easy enough for a 13 year old to do!
  •  Some students making MILLIONS per year
Why You Need To Run This!
  • Brand New Webinar! Your list hasn't seen this before! We have taken some cues from the best in the industry, and created a very original webinar that you're list will LOVE
  • Easy Methods to Use To Get Started! Students are introduced to making money online through the book review + Amazon method to earn their first affiliate commissions in as little as 2 hours of signing up.
  •  BIG MONEY Opportunity. We have students who have gone on to make MILLIONS, even a million+ per month applying the more advanced media buying trainings in the course
  •  Zero-Hassle Payouts. If you hate dealing with paperwork and accounting and slow-pays... I dont blame you! Clickbank makes the whole payout process E-Z, frictionless, and painless.
  •  Works on COLD traffic! We have been media-buying cold traffic on Youtube and Facebook and running it for the past year.
  •  Trustworthiness. John Crestani maintains a weekly vlog so customers always know they have a face to put the program to, and a teacher that is dedicated to their success
  •  100% Transparency. Clickbank makes the refund policy for customers very easy, so any 'problem customers' that may be on your list won't cause you any strife or lost sleep :)
  •  Instant Recognition. John Crestani has shown video ads to literally TENS OF MILLIONS of people (47,277,839 impressions to be exact...) over the past year, so many people will already recognize the presentor
Top Marketers Promote Us
Anthony Morrison
Igor Kheifets
Jon Shugart
Ewen Chia
Mike Balmaceda
Chris Munch
Sean Donohoe
Daven Michaels
Justin Sardi
Alfredo Delgado
Greg Davis
Bob Patrick
Jon Tarr
Bill McIntosh
Ty Cohen
Rob Jones
William Souza
Ron Douglas
Sam England
Winter Valko
Affiliate & JV Results
Heres what a successful promo looks like in Clickbank
Notice the sales velocity. Our followup email sequences usually DOUBLE the number of sales we got from the live show, so we highly encourage you to send the followup mailings obviously!!!

This webinar was done with a JV partner that had roughly 121 people live at the close. Roughly 180 people was the peak attendence.

23 sales (19%) on the live webinar, and 37 sales happened during the email followup sequence (1.5x) using the swipes provided.
Even BRAND NEW affiliates are having MASSIVE results with Facebook Advertising
This offer is 100% facebook compliant, and even first-time affiliates are having crazy results promoting SAS to COLD TRAFFIC.

Affiliates are seeing anywhere from 100-600% ROIs, and absolutely CRUSHING this offer using our highly produced videos in their ads.

Step-by-step promotional methods are provided further down below.
Tim Gregory also made his first ever online commission promoting SAS through FB ads!
Gabriel made his first ever commission promoting SAS! 
Customer Testimonials
Super Affiliate System's training course has created FIVE 7-FIGURE marketers...
The combination of paid advertising, and affiliate marketing, just plain works. Ad > Presell > Offer. Its not a complicated formula, and the way we teach it, has helped thousands of people do everything from create a respectable side-income, all the way to making 7-figures per year online, and live their dream lives.

A few of our top students are listed below. If you're looking to promote something that actually WORKS, you've found it.
Here is a small sample of the testimonial videos we have received...
You'll notice something different here... we really care about our students. And by the way, we produce MASSIVE results for those who take action.

This program has created FOUR MILLIONAIRES, and has helped THOUSANDS of people create their first sales online.
Ahsan Habib - $8,400+ Per Month
Carlos Valiente - $100,000+ Per Year!
Helmut Weiss - First Commissions in 2 Hours!
Jonas - First Commissions in First Day!
Here are a few examples of the HUNDREDS of testimonials students leave us on our Facebook group...
Our entire testimonial video archive can be found here ==>
*This is a totally separate list from my promotional stuff, so you'll only receive important updates here!
The Product
The Super Affiliate System is a complete affiliate marketing training system that shows people how to create massively profitable affiliate campaigns.

  • AD: We show people how to not only create engaging ads that work AND give them working ads they can copy/paste, but we give-away over $895 of FREE AD CREDITS to those who signup, so they can get started with ZERO RISK.
  •  PRESELL: We give-away working both downloadable presell page templates, but we also have Click-and-Clone Clickfunnels templates that make it easy for first-time affiliates to get started with NO PROGRAMMING KNOWLEDGE NECESSARY.
  • OFFERS: We guide students to the highest converting offers, the best affiliate networks, and give students access to high-ticket affiliate offers that produce recurring revenues.
The core SKILLS we focus on are the following:
- Copywriting
- Data Analysis
- Research

These skills form the backbone of all our teachings on how to effectively market products online. Students not only come out of our training with proven tactics and methods to making money online, but also will have developed core skills that will help them no matter where they ultimately end up in life.

We also focus highly on mindset exercises with our students, by exposing them to visualization exercises, mindset exercises, goal-setting exercises, assistance to reduce 'Shiny Object Syndrome', and more.
We maintain exceptionally strong engagement with our students throughout the course of the 12-week training, by regularly sending them messages through email, text, voicemail, and push-notifications.

This is 'sales for the 21st century', and we truly are committed to our students success, and engage with them every chance we get.
JV Payout
The Super Affiliate System Pays $460 per sale (50%)

90% of commissions owed are paid automatically within 2 weeks of the closeout of the webinar promotion.

Any remaining commissions are paid after 30 days per Clickbank.

For the most aggressive paid-ad affiliates that have a proven track record of producing results (you know who you are), contact me directly via Skype, and I can help ease cashflow concerns to help you scale to $10k+/day even faster.
How To Promote
If you would like to promote the Super Affiliate System, then:

1) Signup as an affiliate using the form on this page

2) Create a Clickbank affiliate account if you dont have one.

3) Decide how you would like to promote us:

Option #1: Live Webinar
Contact Mike (info below) and set a date for the webinar promotion.

Option #2: Paid Traffic
Contact John (information below) and let him how you intend to promote. We will discuss swipes and get you the correct links.
  • STEP #1: Free traffic they can get *IMMEDIATELY* to earn their first $1 (or $1000) online so they can see real proof that affiliate marketing works, and stay motivated to continue through the entire course.
  •  STEP #2: How to SCALE free traffic by choosing a niche, and using the review blog/vlog strategy. No extra money needed!
  • STEP #3: How to take their income TO THE MOON by using paid advertising methods with Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Native ads, and Youtube ads.
JV Webinar Replay
JV Promotion Webinar Replay
JV Webinar Slides
Webinar Email Swipes
JV Promo Case Study
Webinar time: Thursday 7pm EST
Max Attendees: 236
Attendees at Link Drop (1hr in): 170
Conversion Rate: 17%
Total Sales: 72

Mailing the replay swipes gives an additional 1.5x sales. Check out the sales velocity.
Live Sales: 29
Fri. Sales: 9
Sat. Sales: 13
Sun. Sales: 20

We can even get an additional 2-3x sales if you allot time for an 'encore' presentation 4 days after the promotion starts. Reach out to us and lets set something up!
Promoting to an Email List
You'll want to add & to the end of the link, using your autoresponder's email merge field in place of the part
Product Backend Monetization
The Super Affiliate System works amazingly as a way to monetize the backend of your lower-ticket JVZoo or Clickbank product.

Here's an example of how one affiliate is using our auto-webinar funnel to monetize their backend members area once customers signup for their low-ticket product:
TubeSniperProfit EPCs = $7.70
Profit Genesis EPCs = $10.65
Affiliate Raid EPCs = $7.11
SAS is evergreen, and the methods taught are evergreen as well, so you can rely on us to help increase your customer value, no matter how many products you launch.

If desired, I will even create a custom webinar introduction just for your audience, so that you have a 100% seamless upsell process for your customer-base.
*This is a totally separate list from my promotional stuff, so you'll only receive important updates here!
Facebook Ad Swipes
Yes! This works on cold facebook ads traffic! An example of a working Facebook ad, and the video we recommend to use, is below:
This are the top-performing videos affiliates are using on Facebook ads
Video Swipes for Facebook & Youtube Ads
Youtube Advertising Affiliates
Youtube has been a consistent DOMINATOR of a traffic-source for us. I've been running Youtube ads internally at a 500%+ ROI for over a year now with near-zero optimization
Targeting for Youtube Ads
I suggest you target business opportunity related channels that talk about Amazon ecom, affiliate marketing, crypto, self-improvement, stock trading, and other similar niches. 
This is the top-performing Youtube ad, although we see fairly equal results from a number of videos.
More Video Swipes for Youtube Ads
*This is a totally separate list from my promotional stuff, so you'll only receive important updates here!
If you have any questions or need to reach us, please use the contact info below and we look forward to working with you!

John Crestani

skype: john_crestani

email: john [at]

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