If you want to know how to take a year off work and travel, you’re in the right place now. I’m John Crestani, and I help people quit their jobs, start their careers online, and travel the world. I have to warn you at the outset that once you experience life as a digital nomad, you will not want to go back to your job. This will be a truly life-changing experience for you.

If you want to take time off work to travel, you likely already have a sense of how the experience of travel can educate, change, and fulfill you. Too many of us are trapped in one town all of our lives, working the same job, and doing the same things, day in and day out. Yet, the world is vastly larger than our small hometown. By experiencing all that the world has to offer, you’ll be a more well-rounded person. But that damned job keeps you stuck, doesn’t it?

How to Get Started

Most people don’t have enough savings to take a year off work and travel the world. Although they see the potential benefits of the experience they would gain from traveling; even people who have enough savings to do this usually won’t. People would rather spend their savings on their child’s education, starting a business, buying a house, etc. The good news is that you don’t have to spend your savings to quit your job and travel the world or even your home country for a year. You can work online and earn a living. All you’ll need is a laptop and Wifi.

Make Money by Freelancing and Blogging

The first thing you need is to have a marketable skill if you want to make significant money online that can support your travel. If you are a good writer, for example, you could sell your writing skills on freelance platforms like Upwork.com and others. This is a great way to start earning income immediately. Once you start traveling, you can create a travel blog and monetize it. It will take some time for you to start seeing income from your blog, but once you do, you will have a new source of income. Who would think! You can actually get paid to write about your travel experiences, as long as your doing so through the lens of helping others.

Travel to Places with Low Costs of Living

The beautiful part about taking time off work and traveling is that there are places like Thailand and the Philippines where the cost of living is very cheap. For example, you could live on less than $400/month in most places in the Philippines. This makes these kinds of destinations ideal for individuals who want to leave their jobs, start a business online, and travel.

This is how to take a year off work and travel for people who wish to travel on budgets. Believe it or not, you don’t need a ton of money to travel!

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