Best Places To Work Remotely

John lays down the best places to work remotely around the world

Remote work is the best, and I’m going to go over some of the best places that I’ve worked remotely in the last five or so years since I’ve been a digital nomad Internet entrepreneur.

So I’m going to get into from personal experience what my favorite place is and what the best place I believe is to work remotely. But you know, I do need to give a quick shout out to a nomad list because they have a great resource that I’ve used of all the different site, all the different best cities in the world rated by other digital nomads, to work remotely. A little bit about me. I’ve been an online entrepreneur for since 2012, and I’ve traveled to over 40 countries in that timespan just, you know, working everywhere around the world. Traveling was really one of my primary goals, you know, it was the reason why I started an internet business ,the reason I got into Internet business because it was the only business that would allow me to be anywhere in the world I wanted to be and still make money and still earn something sizable for myself.

So little disclaimer about this video. I’m going to go over the best places in the world to work remotely. Not like the actual specific like locations and I actually will name a few locations, but one thing you’ll want to know is that wherever you are in the world, you want to make sure you have a quiet place. I’m putting quiet here, right? These are my four little tips about working remotely. A quiet place is crucial because you know if you’re, if you’re shooting videos or if you want to be focused, I think it’s always good to have a quiet place. That being said here, my other criteria of places to work remotely in general, you need to be in cities where there’s a fast internet connection, Okay. Fast Internet is so essential to working remotely, and it’s one of the most significant problems that I ran into trying to travel the world and work.

I’d get to a country like Cambodia, and they’ve just absolutely awful internet connections. You can’t work, you can’t get anything done. If you need to upload video files if you need to download videos if you need to watch the videos if you need to upload a website or download a website or you know, a lot of just normal things. I think that goes along with, you know, running an internet business. You, you just need fast internet. I think it’s kind of the nature of the beast. So go to places where there’s a fast connection, and I’m going to go over a couple specific locations right after this of my, my, you know, the place on the top of my list. Kind of like right along up with a fast connection as you want a steady connection. Now I’ve gone to places like Haiti or Vietnam or even, you know, even certain locations in Thailand and the connection is just on, and it’s off their brownouts because the electricity infrastructure isn’t, you know, isn’t built up enough.

So you know, the the the whole power grid Brown’s out around, you know, noon or whenever, you know, whenever people are using the most air conditioning. And that happened to me a few times in certain places in Thailand, but you want to go places where this connection is steady. If you have to do a meeting, if you have to do a, you know, a business call or a conference call, you can’t have that call drop in the middle of your go-to-meeting, and you know, the Internet’s out for five to 10 minutes. So then hop back on and say, oh, sorry, the Internet browned out here for 10 minutes. Because then there, you know, they’re just going to say, why the heck did I allow you to work remotely in the first place? This is an inconvenience to me. So you don’t want to do that. If you have a remote job, you don’t want to be dealing with those issues. You’re lucky enough to have a remote job. You need a steady connection. So you know, make sure to check the down uptime and whatnot of the place you’re at.

The other criteria I give to working remotely is cheap. Having a cheap place to work, remotely is a significant benefit. You know, assuming that you’ve got that fast, steady connection, you can really work anywhere and that’s the benefit is you can save a lot more money if you have a job for a, you know, a German or a British or American company and you can work somewhere else in the world, that’s fantastic because you can take that extra money that you would be spending at your cost of living and saving that up.

Now a few of my favorite places to work remotely, the first one I would say is, you know, Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai, Thailand, and there’s a lot of good places to work remotely in Thailand. But Chiang Mai is one of one of my favorites. Chiang Mai is excellent because it has a great community of other expats and ex-pats means expatriates, people from other countries. So there’s a lot of westerners, there’s a lot of people from America, Australia, and Europe that are hanging out in Chiang Mai. You know, it’s a lot of people that speak English, that are from America, you know, you can just, or from Europe, you know, that, that you can just connect very easily. And they have a lot of businesses that only cater to Westerners, which is really lovely. So you’re living in a very foreign, you know,, it’s a jungle, right? There’s a, but you know, there are businesses like rock climbing, you know, rock climbing is not something they do, you know, they naturally do in Thailand. But you know, I’m a big rock climber, and they have some great rock climbing areas, and they have, you know, people who will belay and assist you and you know, they’ve, they’ve holes carved out in place around there. So that’s what I mean by you can get some of these really cool western things you’d want in these foreign places. So I liked that about Chiang Mai. They’ve all sorts of stuff. It’s extremely cheap. It’s in the north of Thailand, and it’s very laid back vibes, and they have a pretty consistent Internet. So, uh, that was a really cool aspect of Chiang Mai.

The second place in Thailand that, you know, I’m a huge fan of and I believe, you know, many other people are, it’s kind of what I call, it’s kind of the decompression chamber for all, you know, travelers in the world. I mean, this is the this is the spot where, you know, all roads kind of lead to Rome when you’re, you’re backpacking or when you’re a digital nomad is Bangkok. Bangkok is, you know, fast, steady internet. I mean, it’s a big city with literally every Western amenity you could want. And it’s relatively cheap. I mean, if you’re looking for some of those western comforts, it’s not the cheapest place in the world. I’m going to go over, one of the most affordable places that fit these criteria in the world.

I’ve seen in a second. But Bangkok has a vast community of, you know, Westerners that are there. They have, you know, a lot of businesses that catered to Westerners. If you want, you know, it doesn’t matter what you want. Hamburgers, pizza, you know, if you want fried chicken, you know, they have KFC, they have McDonald’s, they have, they have a Tgif there, you know, they have chilies, you know, they fat burger there. They have everything you would want. You could go to Bangkok, and you know, nothing. You could have this totally foreign experience because it’s very culturally foreign, but you could hang out with all, or it’s, it’s really great. I really liked Thailand’s got so much culture. And it really blends in foreign cultures very well.

Now the third place I’ll recommend is one of the more exotic places, and it’s incredibly cheap, but they actually have excellent, steady, fast internet. They have a good community of expats there, and they’ve really cool culture. I mean, it’s really, and just beautiful, beautiful countryside. You know, the city itself, isn’t that Nice? It’s meta or Met’s gene Colombia, and I was in Columbia. I stayed for three months in Columbia when I was traveling. And, you know, part of it was, you know, I took a six-week kind of intensive on salsa dancing. You know, I wanted to learn the Colombian style of salsa dancing. It’s a little different than the kind of like straight forward way. And that was really fun. You know, for me, I’m very like, you know, left brain thinking.

So I’m trying, you know, I wanted to learn how to dance to like get me out of that. And I also really enjoyed their kite surfing, and I went on some jungle excursions, and Columbia is really great. And as I said, a lot of Americans live there. There’s a vast community of Americans that live in Columbia. I’d say, Costa Rica, Panama, and Columbia are like three major hot spots for Americans, uh, outside of the US.

So that goes into my fourth place, which is Costa Rica, Costa Rica, massive community of American, very open-minded, self-conscious or conscious. You know, a lot of conscious entrepreneurs. A lot of people run companies down there, you know, uh, and hire people. So there’s a whole community down there, and there are all the western amenities you want as well. If that’s what you want, you know, if that’s not what you want, cool. But if you want your Heinz Ketchup, you know, go for it. You know, if you want your excellent medical care, you know it’s there so you can get all this stuff in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is a great, a great spot to check out.

And the fifth place, the last place I’ll throw on this list is probably one of the coolest and one of the least known. And they’ve got a great internet connection, and it’s, Tague has zoot Morocco, it’s this place, on the seaboard of Morocco. It’s inland from, I believe it’s some somewhere close like Merrick cash or something. But there’s this coworking spot called Sun Desk Son Desk, s, un de, s, k, and it’s run by a German woman. She was a traveler. She was a digital nomad, and she wanted to settle down, start a business, and she started this great coworking spot that has a high-speed Internet connection. And you know, there’s excellent surfing all along the coast. It’s like a surfer’s.

Morocco is a surfer’s paradise. There are so many Germans that come down from Germany and surf there. It’s like insane. I never knew how many Germans that were in, in Morocco, there are more Germans than French in Morocco. And the French used to own Morocco. I don’t know how that makes sense, but it’s an excellent spot for surfing. It’s also an excellent spot for Kite surfing, which is one of the reasons I was there. And they’ve got all these fantastic like hidden valleys and desert oasis around there. It’s so fricking beautiful, I went on a safari in the Sahara desert. There’s this, you know, there’s this big line of mountains called the Atlas mountains. You Cross over these mountains, and then you’re in the Sahara desert, which is a vast desert that spans all of Africa.

And you know, I, we rode around on camels, and you know, I stayed in tents, and you know, all of this was, you know, like two hours away from Taka zoot. You’re in a completely foreign, I mean it was just so awesome, and it’s so amazing and very forward. Don’t have a lot of western amenities in Taka zoot, but, you have what you need, and you have high-speed internet. So I really loved that place. And if you found this video helpful or informative in one way, let me know what was the best, uh, either tip or the best place that I named that got your interest the most in this video. Make sure to like subscribe. If you’d like to learn a little bit more about how you too can work remotely and, a, if you want to learn what I do for a living, you know, I’m an Internet entrepreneur and a half then for, you know, since 2012 you know, you, there’s a link in the description, which includes free training so you can learn about what it is I do to make money for living.


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