Thailand and the Philippines, along with many of the smaller countries in Central and South America, are among the best places to work remotely. If you have an established online business or you’re in the process of developing an online business, it may not be feasible without doing so remotely from one of these places. Why?

These Remote Places Have Low Living Costs

$1 = ₱53 (Philippines Pesos). The average Philippines citizen earns about ₱2,000/week. Yup, that’s around $40. Therefore, if you made a meager $100/week, you’d be in the middle-class income bracket in the Philippines. Meanwhile, you couldn’t even pay rent with $100 in North America.

Essentially, $100 in the Philippines spends like $500 in the United States. In other words, $100 has as much purchasing power in the Philippines as it does in the United States. Don’t believe me? Here’s what your basic expenses might like look in most places of the Philippines and Thailand:

  • Rent: $60/month
  • Food: $20/week
  • Wifi: $5/week
  • Laundry: $4/week
  • Transportation: $5/week

These are your most basic expenses. Of course, any time you’re living in another country, you’re going to have Visa extensions and other expenses. Still, these are very cheap. In most instances, you can go to a doctor and get your medicine for under $10 in Thailand and the Philippines.

This low cost of living makes these places, and other places like these, some of the best places to work remotely. You can build your business up, hire cheap labor (less than $8/day), and enrich the quality of your life with new and highly beneficial life experiences that you can only get from traveling and immersing yourself in foreign cultures.

The Best Places are Safe and Free

There are a lot of places in the world where the cost of living is low, but you probably wouldn’t want to live there. The reason I say Southeast Asia and Central and South America are among the best places to work remotely isn’t just because of the low cost of living. These places are also mostly safe and free, barring a few exceptions of course.

You can’t place a price tag on freedom and safety, especially when you are abroad. You don’t want to be faced with civil unrest, terrorism, or even strict limitations on how you can dress in public. You probably don’t want to be ruled by a theocracy in places with repressive regimes that don’t allow Internet use, free speech, or who limit Internet use.

Have a Backup Plan and Savings

When exploring the best places to work remotely, you’ll likely discover a lot of places that you like. Just keep in mind that if you ever need to abandon ship, you need a way back home. Make sure that you have enough savings set aside at all times that you can get back home quickly.

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