What Clickbooth Has to Offer and How Large Their Network Has Truly Become – Complete Review


If you ask any seasoned affiliate marketers out there about their best tips, one piece of advice that will surely pop up is to “work with an affiliate network that meets your business needs and requirements.” Fair enough, one indication of an affiliate’s success is the matter of choosing the best affiliate network to work with. However, that’s easily said than done especially when there are literally hundreds of affiliate networks out there to potentially work with.

In this case, a good rule of thumb is to check out some of the largest and most popular networks out there. One of the most popular affiliate networks to work with is Clickbooth, and we’ll see what this network can offer to marketers in this review article.

It is an “exclusive” network

Like the claims they’ve made on their website, Clickbooth is an exclusive network despite being one of the largest premium networks out there. One may take this as a drawback since it can difficult to get accepted by Clickbooth as a publisher or affiliate. However, this is only a testament to Clickbooth’s dedication to quality when deciding if they are the best fit to work with a publisher. If they started accepting everyone, the quality of its marketers would surely be compromised. This fixation with quality also means this network may have the ability to offer the highest payouts because of their commitment to keep advertisers happy.

Home to well-known premium brands

One of the perks of being one of the biggest networks in the industry is that you’ll attract many of the top advertisers in the world. That is exactly what Clickbooth has done as it boasts a wide array of elite advertising partners with well-known brands. If you want to promote some large, well-known brands, then you’ll feel at home working with Clickbooth.

Flexible marketing and tracking

Another positive thing in our Clickbooth review is that it offers a wealth of marketing solutions for its affiliates. You get access to the usual banners for many offers and you get to work with their designer team that will help you optimize these creatives. These creatives can be customized so it would look like a native feature within your website, potentially. Additionally, you gain access to a very user-friendly admin control panel that lets you stay on top of your campaigns with accurate reports and stats in real-time.

Experienced affiliate managers

As an affiliate, you will be assigned an affiliate manager that will work with you on your quest to success. These affiliate managers actually know how to help you maximize your campaign and are happy to advise affiliates on tips for generating traffic and maximizing conversions. The affiliate managers at Clickbooth are professional and you can easily contact them in a variety of ways making Clickbooth one of the best affiliate networks to work because of their commitment to helping their affiliates succeed. Here is a review of ShareASale which is another network very similar to Clickbooth.

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