Helping Businesses Generate New Revenue through Affiliate Programs – Commission Junction Review

When it comes to affiliate networks, you have hundreds of choices out there. In order to achieve success in your affiliate marketing career, you need to work with a network that’s right for your business.

In this case, it’s a good rule of thumb to stick with networks that have a solid track record. If you have been searching for a network to join, then you probably have come across Commission Junction.

Commission Junction is one of the largest networks out there and home to thousands of different offers may it be digital or physical products.

What we like at Commission Junction:

• Commission Junction is one of the top dogs when it comes to the sheer number of offers it has on its network. Affiliate marketers have access to top brands and offers spread across many categories from clothing to telecommunications. If you have niche blogs, choosing the right offer to pair up with your traffic becomes a cinch.

• Commission Junction provides the best tools for its publishers like Link Search, Deep Link Generator, Deep Link Automation, Product Catalog Data Feed, and product widgets. All of which are feature-rich tools for eager publishers looking to generate affiliate commissions.

• Joining Commission Junction is absolutely free, but not just anyone will be automatically accepted. Commission Junction is dedicated to quality so it can be difficult to get approved by the network. This can be treated both as a pro and a con depending on how you look at it.

• The Real-time Transaction Monitoring tool is great as you can monitor activity on your account as conversions happen in real-time. This will help you stay on top of your campaign and when you need to optimize.

• Commission Junction has a reliable payment system so its affiliates are always paid on time.

What we don’t like about Commission Junction:

• Again, getting accepted to this network can be quite difficult. The barrier of entry is high, especially for affiliates who are still starting out and especially for those that don’t even have a website to promote any of their offers on.

• There’s the lack of a single support contact for many affiliates. Instead, you will need to contact each advertiser individually which is not very convenient.

Aside from the barrier to entry, Commission Junction is a solid affiliate network to work with. It’s trusted by some of the largest brands and offers a lot of for both advertisers and publishers.

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