For New Affiliate Marketers Starting Out, Meet Charles Ngo: Reviewing His Proven Strategies


Many successful affiliate marketers are self-taught, that much is true. However, many of them also value the importance and benefits of mentorship. There are people who can learn on their own while there are those that prefer to be taught and directed. If you are someone who would rather learn from the best when it comes to affiliate marketing, you are in luck because there are many well-known Internet marketers out there that can help you.

However, if you really want to learn from affiliate marketing’s cream of the crop, Charles Ngo is your man. Here’s why should you listen to him?

He’s dedicated his life to affiliate marketing

Charles has once said, “I will do this for the rest of my life till I get it.” He was determined to figure out affiliate marketing since he ran out of options and was prepared to dedicate his life to it. He had the right amount of focus which can’t be said with many “wantrepreneurs” who simply chase after the next big thing. Dedication and determination for something you are passionate about, pretty basic but life-changing for Charles Ngo and all successful affiliate marketers.

He enjoys helping people, for free

For beginners in affiliate marketing, you’ll find that Charles Ngo is the perfect mentor for you. Why? Because he offers a wealth of Internet marketing knowledge and tools, all without charging a cent; that’s right, for absolutely no cost. Head over to Charles’ website and you will come across the Resources and Tools section where beginners can learn which affiliate networks to consider, which forums to visit, the best tracking and spy tools and much more – all complete with links you can visit!

He has his own training program

If you have managed to step up your affiliate marketing game and want to take it into the next level, Charles invites you to his program called AFFcelerator.

Basically, it’s an affiliate marketing training program that recently launched. AFFcelerator is not for everyone. For example, Charles has conditions that you can only participate if you have launched a campaign before and you don’t have any credit card debt. If you are interested, you can reserve your spot now.

Charles Ngo is undoubtedly one of the best Internet marketers in the world and he’s been at it for over 7 years. If you’ve got the spirit for working hard and learning from the best, we highly recommend working with Charles Ngo or at the very least checking out his website at when you have a free moment.

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