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Matthew Nekvapil

Brian Pfeiffer

Arturo Villalobos Testimonial for John Crestani

Sumeet Harish SAS Testimonial

Gregg Martin

Hareg Testimonial for John Crestani’s SuperAffiliateSystem

Gerben de Vries Testimonial

Kent Sayre SAS Testimonial

John Walton – SAS Case Study

John Walton has made over $51,117 in less than 2 months this year.

2:56 – Earnings screenshot


“I have become a much more effective online salesperson…been going through his videos religiously.”

“Im really grateful I found johns course, it was exactly what I wanted honestly…I was sold before it was even for sale”

“My goals are 5figures daily at this point….getting closer”

“I wanted to say, affiliate marketing is a lot more stable for me now than it was in the past….it was really shaky….I didnt think I could make it work consistently, what I really wanted is consistency”

“This is all information I got out of Johns course….I dont know what I would be doing at this point…other than stuggling at affiliate marketing”


Here is a screenshot of his profit on the right.


…and another screenshot below


Daily Success Screenshots

Some daily screenshots from other students having success

Below are some of the screenshots that my students share in our mastermind of the success they are having applying the methods we teach them to gain conversions as independent marketers. This  is the fuel that drives me, and makes me happy to step up and teach everyone everyday. Live are being changed for the better, and its exciting to help facilitate success.

Tyler Ellison


Khushbinder Bedi


Dennis S. showing his first ever conversion. Congrats!


Anthony Prieto


Amandeep S.




Carlos Valiente