Blog Review: Why ShoeMoney is one of the Best Known Affiliate Marketing Blogs Out There

For anyone who hasn’t yet started, Internet marketing can be overwhelming when you’re first getting started. There are no shortages of ways to make money online but it’s important that you choose one that best suits your personal skills and background knowledge. But there’s no need to worry, learning affiliate marketing doesn’t have to be difficult when you have the right resources at your fingertips. Did you know that many successful affiliate marketers are self-taught? If they can do it, you sure can do it as well. It’s a good thing there are many resources over the web that you can use to accelerate the learning curve.

When it comes to learning affiliate marketing, one of the best blogs that can help you is which has been online for years.

What is ShoeMoney?

ShoeMoney is a wildly popular blog by Jeremy Schoemaker about all things Internet marketing. Basically, it’s a wealth of Internet marketing resources that is great especially for beginners. Jeremy regularly posts articles, photos, interviews, talks and more – all of which are great learning tools for both new and seasoned affiliate marketers. It is said that Jeremy’s rise to fame was triggered when he posted a Google AdSense commission check for $132,994.97 which he earned in just one month. Now, that’s impressive!

It’s not a get rich quick scheme

To get this out of the way, the content featured on is not a get rich quick scheme. Unlike most websites like that, ShoeMoney doesn’t promise that you will make X amount of money within X amount of time. It doesn’t either publish useless affiliate marketing eBooks filled with outdated information. The ShoeMoney System will provide you with a detailed guide on how to set up your affiliate marketing business using the information Jeremy has gathered over the years.

The information is always updated which important because the online marketing landscape changes faster than many other industries.

The ShoeMoney System

Perhaps the best aspect of all is The ShoeMoney System. It’s basically a series of educational videos designed to train you on how to get started with affiliate marketing.
This is great for people who want to:

• Earn extra income while working at home.
• Build their own online business.
• Learn about advanced skills and strategies in online marketing.

The videos go from beginner to advanced levels. There are also a variety of topics covered from generating traffic to choosing a niche for a new website. It’s all actionable content that is designed to help make you money. Take it from one of the best Internet marketers on the planet and definitely check out Jeremy Schoemaker and his blog. Two thumbs up, no doubt!

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